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  • Steve Hammond and His High Plains Grifters

Wednesday April 19, 2017
  • Yee-Haw!

    Photo by Johnny Gomez
    Steve Hammond and His High Plains Grifters

    First, the genre of Americana is growing in influence and popularity across the USA. Second, my old pal Brett Sparks (The Handsome Family) reminded me that the genre was originally a marketing ploy devised by country-Western radio industry types who wanted a broader audience. With that in mind, it's high time you sauntered down to a place where you can get a load of some real American music. On Wednesday, April 19, that place is Sister. Steve Hammond & his High Plains Grifters will be playing a show with the UNM Honky Tonk Ensemble, as well as The Tumbleweeds. Hammond (Leeches of Lore) is a cultural treasure whose intense interest in honky tonk has sounded new sonic alarms across the city. The college folks are led by Dr. Kristina Jacobsen, a musicologist with a flair for bringing our nation's folk traditions to the fore. The Tumbleweeds feature a traditional Western swing ensemble fronted by legendary Texan fiddler Joe Carter. So, if you wanna be witness to the real deal—not the radio-friendly version—you ought to go; for 21+ cowpokes, it'll be free to park your horse and leave your spurs at the door. (August March)

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