Due to the March 23, 2020 NM DOH Public Health Order, These Event Listings Are Not Accurate!
All non-essential businesses are closed, public gatherings are prohibited!
(One day some of these events will be rescheduled or will resume, but they are not happening now!)
Sunday Dec 16, 2018

  • Sowing Seeds for Next Year's Harvest

    Image courtesy of the City of Albuquerque

    Mandalas are a centuries-old symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism that have come to be used in many other cultures’ practices throughout the years. The Albuquerque Open Space hosts an annual winter solstice seed mandala making event to usher in the winter and give thanks for the harvest (the seeds also serve as food for birds migrating south for the season). Participants help design and build the mandala, which last for about a week in the open. This year, the event takes place on Sunday, Dec. 16 from 10:30am to noon. Come with an open mind and dress for the winter weather. This event is free and open to all ages. (Robin Babb)

    Albuquerque Open Space Visitor Center
    Winter Solstice Seed Mandala
  • There Will Be Blood

    Puritanical tropes are shed and Hester Prynne is reborn in Aux Dog Theatre's production of In the Blood, an updated retelling of the Hawthorne's classic. This play—penned by Pulitizer Prize-winner Suzan-Lori Parks—introduces us to Hester La Negrita, and the underbelly of American life. Acted and directed by a cadre of local talent, this imaginative piece of theater creates new in-roads with modern audiences. It opened Nov. 16, and runs weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) through Dec. 16 with tickets at just $12. Find tickets online at (Maggie Grimason)

    Aux Dog Theatre
    In the Blood
  • Lost Boy, Super High and Belting Showtunes

    Image courtesy of Finding Neverland the Musical

    There are stories, and then there are stories of the stories behind those stories. Because, science. The popular Broadway stage musical, Finding Neverland, launching at Popejoy Hall on Dec. 13 at 7:30pm, recounts playwright J.M. Barrie’s invention of Peter Pan. Basically, he fell for a hot widow, then stole her four kids’ imaginary friend, Peter, and got famous. While exploiting child labor might seem unkind now, in jolly Dickensian London that shit was just called “work,” okay? Too young to remember Peter Pan? Dig: Skinny elfen dude, green tights refuses to grow up, flies around, befriends kids who forget about him as adults. Sadder than you realized, really. Thank God for peppy showtunes. All ages welcome, tickets range from $43 to $83. Check for more deets. Additional shows Dec. 14 to 16. (Alisa Valdes)

    Popejoy Hall
    Finding Neverland
  • My God, It's a River of Lights!

    Image courtesy of

    That's right fellow kids, yule time is upon the face of the northern hemisphere again and more than anything, a sublime sesh with twinkly, multi-colored and otherwise sculpturally presented holiday lights is just the ticket to transcendence that remains so elusive during the otherwise dark and gloomy winter months that are upcoming and guaranteed not to be bright. An Albuquerque tradition, this sparkling spectacular, The River of Lights happens at the ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden from Nov. 24 through Dec. 30. The lights blink on at 6pm daily but fizzle out about 9:30pm, so get there early, home-piece. The whole deal is closed on Dec. 24 and 25—hey if you wanna see lights on those nights, give me a buzz and we'll look into it!—but the price is right if you are looking for marvelous holiday enchantment any other time during the 2108 holiday season. For true light loving visitors, the Polar Express, a small train, is available to take riders out to meet Santa himself. Admission to the largest walk through festive lighting display in the state starts at $6 for children 3 through 12 years old. Adult admission begins at $12 and babies under 3 are free. A ride on the Polar Express is extra. Please inquire at the Botanic Garden, knowing that meeting the jolly old elf is well worth the extra feria. (August March)

    ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden
    River of Lights
  • A Consensual Cuddle Puddle

    Image via Pixabay

    Some of us crave human touch more than others. This sometimes desperate need for connection can bore a hole into the soul that no other feeling can fill. The Source provides this service, known as The Cuddle Revolution, on Sundays, including Sept. 2, starting at 6pm and potentially stretching into the wee hours. While this is both platonic and PG-rated, it is for adults only. The first snuggle sesh is free, but donations are always appreciated and accepted. Please arrive on time, as essential exercises in the first hour are meant to build authentic connection and an understanding of consensual touching for the ultimate therapeutic experience. No one is required to cuddle, snuggle or embrace and you can leave at any time. Feel free to bring snacks and anything else that makes you comfortable and get ready for some serious, restorative nuzzling. (Mayo Lua de Frenchie)

    The Cuddle Revolution
Monday Dec 17, 2018
Tuesday Dec 18, 2018
Wednesday Dec 19, 2018
  • The Best Thing Since Starks and Clark Wallabees

    Image courtesy of the artist

    Bobby Boulders says you ought to jump off and report to the gravel pit. Though such instructions may seem mysterious to the casual observer, we're pretty sure the dude means you ought to ch-check out Wu-Tang Wednesdays at Dialogue Brewing. During such chokin', smokin' and hopin' times you can guarantee to get your fill of OG, old school hip-hop as well as classic jams by those fine fellows from Staten Island. There are two sessions left, dear readers, on Dec. 19 and Dec. 26. Beginning at 7pm—and for free—you can trust DJ Zemo-G to do you and your homies right with tuneage that kills all evil whilst promoting a danceable, jewel-encrusted future. Drinking some of the finest barley pop in town might help you fill your tank, too. You know what I'm saying, right? Step into the groove, right now, boo. Plus, There's no cover for this 21+ hip-hop party; that's what I'm talking about! (August March)

    Dialogue Brewing
    Wu-Tang WednesdaysDJ Zemo-G • hip-hop
  • 70 Years of Soul

    Photo courtesy of the artist

    Sometimes this city lacks the authentic soul and gospel that is a dime a dozen in the Midwestern and Southern parts of the US. The National Hispanic Cultural Center continues to provide us with some of the most exquisitely diverse and magnetic art that passes through fair Burque. The Blind Boys of Alabama, and yes the original members were all blind, are hitting town and bringing their 70 years of gospel, soul and R&B history with them. Support the boys on tour in conjunction with their latest holiday release, Talkin' Christmas. On Wednesday, Dec. 19 all ages can take in the five-time Grammy winners that Rolling Stone Magazine calls “gospel titans.” Doors open at 7pm with the show beginning at 7:30pm. The evening can be enjoyed from $36 to $51 per seat. (Mayo Lua de Frenchie)

    National Hispanic Cultural Center
    Blind Boys of Alabama
  • ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden
    River of Lights
  • The Itis

    Photo courtesy of La Luna Bakery

    CBD has become a homeopathic miracle drug for not only the 505, but for a lot of folks in this country. For those suffering from anxiety, it's like all-natural Xanax. Experiencing pain? It can be more useful than ibuprofen and lidocaine. Its uses barely scratch the surface in this little blurb. La Luna Bakery and Café hosts its first CBD-infused dinner to show off the vastness of what can be done with this phenomenon. On Wednesday, Dec. 19 from 6 to 10pm the bakery, who are active members of the James Beard Foundation, partner with ABQ Barkeeps and Chef Robin Valdez for a four-course, medicated masterpiece. Those 18 and over can purchase a ticket for $75 and enjoy a full spectrum of flavors, not only in the thoughtfully prepared food, but from the delectably curated terpenes in each dish. The evening isn't complete without CBD-infused cocktails and dessert. While eating and chilling, receive some knowledge from Nature's CBD and Oils as they provide an education workshop during the meal. (Mayo Lua de Frenchie)

    La Luna Bakery and Cafe
    CBD-Infused Dinner
Thursday Dec 20, 2018
  • ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden
    River of Lights
  • Holly Jolly Chocolate and Booze

    Image via Pixabay

    After a long week, rewarding yourself with a stiff drink or some luscious chocolate is a totally legitimate coping mechanism. But what about at the end of a very long year? Well, then you might have to double up and do both for a proper reward. That’s what we’re doing at the Chocolate and Cocktail Pairing at the ChocolateDude. This Thursday, Dec. 20, from 5 to 10pm (during the Nob Hill “Deck the Hill” holiday open house event), ChocolateDude and Tractor Brewing Company are pairing cocktails with chocolate bars and other chocolate goodies to get you properly sugared up and sloshed for the evening. There are several different time slots for the event and it’s in high demand, so visit ChocolateDude’s Facebook page to RSVP for a specific half-hour time slot. This event is free and open to anybody 21 or older. (Robin Babb)

    Chocolate Dude
    Chocolate and Cocktail Pairing with Chocolate Dude
Friday Dec 21, 2018
  • Let's Have a Trashy Disco Kiki

    Image via Pixabay

    For those of us that have made it past 30, going to a club and listening to trap, mumble rap, dub step and top 40 is maybe not the first choice. Welp, we're in luck. Put on those jingle bellbottoms and enter a boogie winter wonderland as we do the hustle in the bustle of the holiday season for Twist Nightclub's Trash Disco Night. The LGBTQIA club, open to all, brings us a fabulous night of escapism and entertainment. Get glammed out because the best disco-themed costume sends some lucky disco queen home with a $50 prize, hopefully enough to cover the bar tab and then some. And since we're faced with the winter solstice this evening, the shortest night of the year, be prepared to go hard on Friday, Dec. 21. The party kicks off at 9pm and DJ Romann_T blasts the funky beats of the era until the doors shut at 2am. Goes without saying that this is for a 21 and over crowd. Don't worry about not having pockets for cash in that bitchin' ensemble because there's no cover. (Mayo Lua de Frenchie)

    Twist Nightclub
    Trash Disco NightDJ Romann_T • disco, pop
  • Zeroes, One and Disruption

    Image via Pixabay

    One of the best things about artists is their ability to adjust to whatever new media come along. Ergo, great stories get told on paper, or on screens, just as they did on cave walls. Nowhere is the exploration of artistry evolving faster than in the digital realm. This concept is being explored by 10 fine artists from around the United States, in the exhibition Digital Disobedience: The Algorithm as Saboteur, curated by UNM’s Amy Traylor, Experimental Art and Technology MFA student, and Cat Hulshoff, PhD Art History student. Running now through Dec. 30 at the CFA Downtown Studio, the show tackles what it means to disrupt the world of, and through, technology in contemporary society. This show is free and open to all ages. Gallery hours are Fridays and Saturdays, 11am to 6pm. (Alisa Valdes)

    CFA Downtown
    Digital Disobedience: The Algorithm as Saboteur
  • Life Could Be a Dream

    Image courtesy of the artist

    Doo-Wop is a form of American music whose development closely followed that of rock and roll in the middle of the 20th century, but actually began on the streets of Nueva York in the '40s. Imbued with multi-part harmonies and an attention to lush melodicism that dives deep into the romantic reservoir of the nation, the doo-wop movement produced artists like The Chords, who wrote a nifty tune called “Sh-Boom.” This vocal excursion was followed by classics of the genre, like “Book of Love” by The Monotones in 1958. Though the genre faded—along with a lot of other subgenres—with the British Invasion, it's been resurrected many times in the intervening years. And while decidedly non-American acts like The King Khan and BBQ Show have actually evolved the sound toward higher levels, traditionalists like The Doo-Wop Project continue to produce pure iterations of the famous sound of legends like The Four Seasons and The Marcels. The Doo-Wop Project performs a program of their versions of contemporary pop favorites laced with seasonal favorites on Friday, Dec. 21 at 7pm at Popejoy Hall on the UNM campus. Tickets range in price from $25 to $64, so do go: it's like paradise up above. (August March)

    Popejoy Hall
    The Doo-Wop Project Christmas
  • ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden
    River of Lights
  • Dining in a Winter Wonderland

    Image via Pixabay

    Nobody just does dinner anymore—it’s got to be a whole experience. StoryLab Interactive knows this better than most, which is why they’ve been hosting interactive dinner experiences and other multimedia immersive events all over the country, including several at Albuquerque’s own Artechouse. This and next weekend they’re putting on their last event series of the year, and it’s not to be missed: the Winter Wonderland Immersive Dinner catered by Taste Boutique Catering. On Dec. 21, 22, 28 and 29 these events bring diners into a world of winter nostalgia complete with digital snow angels and fanciful interactive projections. The five-course dinner includes a wood-fired chestnut bisque with cranberry foam and a persimmon and pear-stuffed porchetta. Each dinner goes from 6 to 9pm. Tickets are $99 a pop and reservations are required. Spaces tend to fill up fast at these, so get on it at (Robin Babb)

    StoryLab, Inc.
    Winter Wonderland Immersive Dinner
Saturday Dec 22, 2018