Due to the March 23, 2020 NM DOH Public Health Order, These Event Listings Are Not Accurate!
All non-essential businesses are closed, public gatherings are prohibited!
(One day some of these events will be rescheduled or will resume, but they are not happening now!)
Saturday Sept 5, 2020
  • Flyer
  • Flyer

  • Seared
    Dave Friedlanderjazz, bop
  • O'Hare's Grille & Pub (Rio Rancho)
    Brain Gang Trivia
  • Where People Aren’t

    A new installation by artist Nicola López, Haunted, opened  at the Albuquerque Museum, sort of. The large-scale exhibit of collaged, printed and hand-drawn elements that fills the main wall in the entryway to the museum ironically examines the Southwestern landscape haunted by the inescapable presence of humans. On display until at least May 2021, Haunted will hopefully greet visitors soon and assuredly will have a virtual component available on the museum’s website in the coming weeks. (Clarke Condé)

    Albuquerque Museum of Art and History
    Nicola López: Haunted
  • Edible vs. Poisonous

    It’s time to accept that it’s likely society will collapse after all. Maybe not immediately, but perhaps around the election. Are you ready for the Mad Max world we’ve all been promised? Better to be safe than sorry, so why not attend the Edible & Medicinal Plants of the Jemez Mountains: Seasonal Herb Walk, happening Saturday, Sept. 5 in the Jemez Mountains, just north of the Albuquerque Basin. Starting at 9am, this $50 class will teach everything a person needs to know about surviving alone in the untamed wilderness of New Mexico, including plant identification, ethical and legal harvesting methods, how to identify poisonous plants and hopefully some monsoon ’shrooms. This adults-only (for reasons of content and hiking distance) class is the perfect way to prepare for the downfall of man, so to get more information, visit the Blue Wind School of Botanical Studies on Facebook. (Dan Pennington)

    Edible & Medicinal Plants of the Jemez Mountains: Seasonal Herb Walk (Summer Session)
  • Albuquerque Square Dance Center
    Contra Dance
  • Do You Even Lift, Bro?

    Hear us now, and believe us later. If you’re looking to turn that weak and jellied bag of flab you call a body into a rock-solid force of muscle mystery, then you have to drop those silly workout bands and pick up some real weights! This Saturday, Sep. 5, join the powerlifting Dream Team at Iron Soul Gym and learn the fundamentals of powerlifting. Expert trainers Cailer Woolam, Stacy Burr and Ed Coan will train you in the proper execution of squats, benchpresses and deadlifts. They just want to pump you up. The workshop runs from 10am to 4pm at the Iron Soul Gym, 2400 Menaul Blvd. Tickets cost $225 at Lunch is provided. (Joshua Lee)

    Iron Soul Gym
    The Dream Team Powerlifting Seminar
  • Spicy Meeting

    Even the ’rona can’t stop chile season! Clear some space out of your freezer and head down to Big Jim Farms in Los Ranchos to take part in the fourth annual Green Chile U-PICK. From 9am to 5pm every day through Oct. 31, families can enjoy great views and weather at this safe and socially distanced activity. Pick your own green chiles—organically grown on a nine-acre farm—and have them roasted on site. This year Big Jim has also planted other fruits and veggies for U-PICK at his farm, too. There will be an open-air farm market with pre-picked fruits and veggies for sale. Chile-lovers of all ages are invited to attend this free gathering. Chile pricing starts at $1.50 per pound. (Joshua Lee)

    Big Jim Farms
    Green Chile U-PICK