Friday May 24, 2019

  • Rio Sonorousness

    Image by Clarke Condé

    Rare is the world music that even considers the Rio Grande, but on Friday, May 24 from 7:30pm to 9:30pm, Sangeet Millennium Ensemble and Amie Maciszewski blend the sounds of the Ganges River with the sounds of the Rio Grande in Songs of Benares: From the River Ganga to the Rio Grande at Tortuga Gallery. Tabla, sitar, traditional singing and jazz saxophone are sure to make this a night of memorable music. Tickets range from $15 to $100. For more information about this all-ages event, visit

      (Clarke Condé)

    Tortuga Gallery
    Songs of Benares: From the River Ganga to the Rio Grande
Saturday May 25, 2019
  • Thank You For Sending Me An Angel

    Photo by El Reverend of Gomez Photo Works

    Multiple Best of Burque Music award-winner Tony Orant—one of the giant disembodied brains in impenetrable perspex that is responsible for projects like Pink Freud—is driving his mad musical time machine to the '80s to grok a phenomenon called Talking Heads. The skulls of those four East Coast art school rockers had much influence on music and culture that followed numbly in their wake; just ask Thom Yorke. Anyway, Tony O and the Greatest Band Ever wants to tell you all about that at 7pm on Saturday, May 25 at Inside Out. Orant's assembled band includes members of the aforementioned Freud plus other fantastic players (Chuck Hawley, James Haynes, Lonn Calanca, Mike Jaramillo, Brad Yablonsky, Kelly Wilson, Rachel Ross, Sarah Rebello Amaral) to prove the point I just made. Plus the film, by then-wunderkind Jonathan Demme, is a must-see. For only $10 advance or $15 at the door and a 21-plus ID, you're practically guaranteed to leave the place twitching pleasantly and telling friends that, with a little practice, they can walk and talk just like you. (August March)

    Inside Out
    Stop Making Sense • Tony O and the Greatest Band Ever • rock
  • Rarebit

    Image via Pixabay

    While it would be accurate to say that turkey feather and rabbit fur blanket weaving has sustained its initial level of popularity within turkey and rabbit communities, it is on the decline within human communities. If you would like to see how it is done, then join Caroline Lovato of Santo Domingo Pueblo for a demonstration of this dying art on at Petroglyph National Monument on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, May 25, 26 and 27 from 10am to 4pm for Cultural Demonstration: Turkey Feather and Rabbit Fur Blanket Weaving by Caroline Lovato. For more info on this free, all-ages event see (Clarke Condé)

    Petroglyph National Monument
    Cultural Demonstration: Turkey Feather and Rabbit Fur Blanket Weaving by Caroline Lovato
Sunday May 26, 2019
Monday May 27, 2019
  • Petroglyph National Monument
    Cultural Demonstration: Turkey Feather and Rabbit Fur Blanket Weaving by Caroline Lovato
  • Training Days

    Image via Pixabay

    Don't let your kids waste away in front of the boob tube this summer. Instead, put them to work baking delicious treats to make up for all that free rent. Starting this Monday, May 27 and running through Friday, May 31, from 8:30am to noon, your little bakers are invited to a week of baking and decorating at Lil' Rudies Baking Camp at Rude Boy Cookies. Keep them occupied and stave off that lame diet. Food Network Champion Baker Kristin Dowling and Rude Boy staff are ready to train the wee ones in the complete art of cookie-making. Participants take home an apron, tons of cookies and a skill that will serve them throughout the rest of their lives. Tickets for the entire week cost $175. (Joshua Lee)

    Rude Boy Cookies
    Lil' Rudies Baking Camp
Tuesday May 28, 2019
  • Let's Get Cheesy!

    Image via Pixabay

    There are a few things that we actually do right in this country: craft beer and gooey grilled cheese. Making either can be easy, but making them well is an art. Tractor Brewing Westside shows us the true craft of excellent beer, grilled cheese and how to properly pair them for a symphonic experience at the Beer and Grilled Cheese Pairing with Cheesy Street. Head to the far side of the city on Tuesday, May 28 from 5 to 8pm as Cheesy Street delivers four mini-grilled cheese sammiches with a flight of four perfectly matched beers. This ABQ Beer Week event is for those 21 and over only, and admission is free, but you gotta pay for your own booze and munchies. (Mayo Lua de Frenchie)

    Tractor Brewing Westside
    Beer and Grilled Cheese Pairing with Cheesy Street
Wednesday May 29, 2019
  • Third Eye Vision

    Image courtesy of the artist
    Hieroglyphics is on tour this summer because 20 years ago, 3rd Eye Vision was released. As you may recall, this album was one of the most important hip-hop recordings to appear near the end of the 20th century. It had folks like Del the Funky Homosapien wrangling a crew that boasted A-Plus, Opio and Domino. In response to the stone cold East Coast cliquishness of Wu-Tang, Heiroglyphics demonstrated that, in many ways, the West remained the best, matching what was going down in Nueva York with palpable power. Anyway this crew is going gigging at Sister on Wednesday, May 29. They will begin jamming for the 21-plus set at about 7pm and your presence is requested—not so much for the implied historical significance, but because it would be dang pure to see you all dig “Dune Methane” on the dance floor. Tickets go for $38.55, yo. (August March)

    Heiroglyphics • hip-hop