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Saturday Mar 25, 2017

  • Painful Eating Habits


    So, I might go to the 7th Annual Spay-ghetti and No Balls Lunch, but I can't promise I'll eat anything. I'll buy a plate, sure. I mean, the money does go to benefit Babes and Bullies, who promote spaying and neutering awareness, and that's a very important cause. I'll probably even box the dinner up and take it home. But something about meat in red sauce alongside a dinner that has “no balls” in the title is making me queasy. Swing on by Luigi's Restaurant this Saturday, March 25, and help spread the word about sterilizing pets. While you're there, you can find me in the corner looking green around the gills.

    Luigi’s Restaurant & Pizzeria
    Seventh Annual Spay-ghetti and No Balls Lunch
  • Prosum Roasters
    Shrub to Cup: Coffee Basics
  • Sugar and Caffeine—For Your Health?


    I hear chocolate is good for you. Coffee, too. I suppose I could look it up, but then I might find something that disputes those wonderful claims, and I don't know if I could live with that. Instead, I'll just keep repeating it while I eat and drink my weight in the stuff at the Southwest Chocolate and Coffee Fest. This Saturday and Sunday, March 25 and 26, at the Manuel Lujan building at Expo NM, the best chocolatiers, coffee roasters, candy makers, bakers, breweries and wineries will converge to bring you a day of pure decadence. The kids can keep themselves busy with activities and face painting while you gorge yourself on live entertainment, cooking demos and a number of contests that will leave you bloated and begging for insulin. The festival starts at 10am. Tickets prices start at $10 for adults.

    Manuel Lujan Building @ Expo NM
    Southwest Chocolate and Coffee Fest
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