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Saturday Nov 17, 2018

  • The Birb-reakfast Club

    Image via Pixabay

    Good morning, sunshine! Time to put on the coffee and slap some bacon and eggs in a pan. You know what could spice up this morning routine? Other than literal spices? Birds! Put that turkey bacon down, we're talking about the local bird population at Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge. This Saturday Nov. 17, Friends of the Refuge are hosting Birds and Breakfast from 8 to 11am. Enjoy a catered lunch in the refuge education portable (nostalgic!) before heading out to do some bird watching in the bosque. Only have lame human eyes that can't see very far and limited knowledge? No worries, binoculars and field guides are provided at no extra charge to this already free and all ages event.

    Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge
    Birds and Breakfast
  • Doughnut/Donut: The Grey/Gray of the Food World

    Image via Pixabay

    Have you ever wanted to make your own doughnuts, but been (understandably) intimidated by the huge vats of boiling oil involved? The folks at The Specialty Shop want to ease your fears. Head there this Saturday, Nov. 17, for their doughnut/donut masterclass, where students learn how to make the old fashioned fried doughnuts as well as biscuit donuts, cake donuts and jelly-filled doughnuts. There are two classes: one from 10:30am to 12:30pm, and another from 2 to 4pm. Don’t worry, there are plenty of samples to fill up on during and after. The class costs $25 per person, and you can make your reservation by calling 266-1212.

    The Specialty Shop
    Doughtnut, Donut Masterclass
  • Fusion Theatre Company
    Downtown Growers' Winter Market
  • CNM Main Campus
    Italian Experience: Learn to Make Fresh Pasta
  • Three Sisters Kitchen
    Meal Prep Class
  • Sister
    Oni Noodle Pop-Up
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