Alibi V.14 No.15 • April 14-20, 2005 


Albuquerque Love it, or Leave it

WINNER—“I Colored Your Pennies” by Jessyca Brown. I’m not sure why we all loved this image so much. We probably each had our own reasons. For me, it seems kind of sexy and rough. Just like Albuquerque!
Untitled by Rob Leutheuser. Look at these cutey pies from a South Valley Dia de los Muertos parade last year. So precious!
Untitled by Kemper Barkhurst. This picture is just vintage Albuquerque, isn’t it? Barkhurst caught this tough guy cruising east on Central, just a few steps from the Alibi ’s front door.
“Halloween Ghosts” by Jim Gale. A combination of flash and time exposure created this ghostly photo of kids panhandling for candy in Old Town.
Untitled by Ayren Valery. Creepy! Weird! Unsettling! We’re not sure what this says about Albuquerque, and to tell you the truth we don’t really want to know. We don’t get it, but because we’re perverts, we love it.