Alibi V.15 No.41 • Oct 12-18, 2006 



Because sometimes you're just too tired--or tipsy--to cook for yourself.

Best Late-Night/All-Night

What can we say about the Frontier that we haven't already said? Chances are, you're in the Frontier reading this right now. So glance around, take in the bustling atmosphere, the furrowed brow of the students, the paintings of pots, the smell of fresh tortillas, the amateur poets lounging in those hard booths. Then glance down at your buttery sweet roll that cost you $1.39 or the Western hashbrowns with cheese and green chile for $2.60. Then yawn and rub your eyes and realize it's 4:30 a.m. and you should have been home long ago.

1. Frontier

2. Tie: IHOP, Taco Bell, Taco Cabana

3. Tie: Frederico's Mexican Food, NYPD, O'Niell's Pub

Best Choice for Take-Out

If you find yourself in your frumpies on a weekday night and not willing to primp for an outing, take-out is always an option. Still, mixing in the same area as the diners who aren’t lazy slobs can be daunting for someone who wants to stay in his sweats and worn-through "Big Pimpin'” T-shirt. Have no fear, Los Cuates is here for you, man. A separate entrance for take-out makes your quest for delicious combo plates swimming in chile and cheese less frightful.

1. Los Cuates

2. Frederico's Mexican Food

3. Tie: Dion's, Golden Pride, Kai's Chinese Restaurant, Perico's Acapulco Chillys, The Pita Pit

Best Delivery

One of the disadvantages of not living in an über-sized city like New York is that we fall short on the number of decent delivery options available to us and our luxurious lifestyles. Beyond pizza, there really aren't a lot of restaurants in this town that deliver--which is why our readers are so fond of recent Burque addition The Pita Pit. With an extensive ingredient list that allows you to build your own pita, this establishment stays open until the wee hours of 3 a.m., and delivers just as late to select neighborhoods, including the University area and Downtown.

1. The Pita Pit

2. Tie: Da Vinci's Gourmet Pizza, Mario's Pizzeria and Ristorante, NYPD, Papa John's

3. Tie: Baggin's Gourmet Sandwiches, Pudge Bros. Pizza