Quick! Wrap Something!
 Alibi V.15 No.50 • Dec 14-20, 2006 


Quick! Wrap Something!

The Alibi’s Last-Minute Gift Guide

The holiday gift-giving season will commence in about 15 seconds, and you're still in your PJs. You're cutting it close. But it's going to be OK. After all, why should you suffer through weeks of parking-lot circling when you can wait until the last possible second to lift a finger? You've always worked better under pressure, anyhow.

We at the Alibi know exactly how you feel. Procrastination is a holiday tradition we indulge in every year, and we know exactly what it takes to pull off a flawless eleventh-hour shopping bonanza. You can find all of our road-tested secrets within the pages of this Last-Minute Gift Guide. There's a selection of locally sourced toys, food and dining gifts, pet presents, CDs and music gear, girly things and other fun stuff. We've even included the wrapping paper--specially designed for us by award-winning artists M. Wartella, Steve White, Jeff Drew and Paul Sessa--right here in this issue, along with instructions on how to create your own super-cool newsprint bow. Unlike other publications, our gifts were independently selected by the Alibi editorial staff (no advertising dollars changed hands). We love these gifts because they're truly unique, budget-friendly and compact enough to to fit in our Alibi Last-Minute Gift Guide wrapping paper. Just add tape, and have a happy last-minute holiday!