Alibi V.15 No.50 • Dec 14-20, 2006 



Sandia Pets Products Leash, Collar and Bowl Set, $15.98, $13.49, $12.95

Wags & Whiskers

10700 Corrales NW


Wags & Whiskers just opened its doors a couple weeks ago with a mission to sell high-quality toys, food, beds and other fancy pet paraphernalia. A good example of their product line is this matching leash, collar and bowl set made locally by Sandra from Sandia Pets. Doesn't Fifi deserve the very best?

Rubber Chicken in Christmas Bikini, $13

Three Dog Bakery

9821 Montgomery NE


If you have these treats out on the counter, affix it with a "For Sparky" sign to keep the humans at bay. Nutritious, high-quality ingredients go into these dangerously real-looking holiday dog cookies. Buy them in this package or select treats from the display cases and get ol' Killer's name iced on them, too. Even if he can't read as well as other dogs, he'll be sure to lap up the carob. One final note: The chicken squeaks.

Wubba Wubba Fetch Toy, $14.99

Critters and Me

1403 Agua Fria, Santa Fe

(505) 982-5040

Playing fetch with your favorite pooch is a joyous experience, until the tennis ball comes back covered in slobber and who knows what else. The Wubba Wubba Fetch Toy is designed to make sure you stay (relatively) slobber-free and still be appealing to a dog's primal senses. It squeaks, it flaps, it flies with ease. Any dog owner with a fetch-playing friend will love their Wubba.