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 Alibi V.15 No.50 • Dec 14-20, 2006 


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Mini Tone-Master, $44.99

Marc's Guitar Center

2324 Central SE


Why does the wow factor grow as the item shrinks? This one-watt baby stands about 6 inches, a perfect practice amp for the apartment-living guitarist. Word is it actually wails more than one might think. It's got volume, tone and gain knobs--the gain a relatively new feature in the world of micro-amps. Push it past eight and things get mushy.

Daddy Long Loin Top Choice Loin Cuts, $12.95

Natural Sound

3422 Central SE


Who's your daddy? Huh? Awww, come on. You know the answer. The suave, zoot-suited, lady-killin' one-man-band known as Daddy Long Loin has just released the smash hit of the holiday season. Sing along with such soon-to-be-classics as “Grocery Store Hell” and “Man Boobs.” He's so smooth you'll refuse to believe Daddy is really just a pasty white boy named Kevin. One of the best albums of 2006 is homegrown, baby!

Mr. Tambourine Lighted Tambourine, $29.99

Owl Green's Music

121 Seventh Street NW


Who can deny the therapeutic power of whacking a tambourine around? This one scores a perfect "10" on the instant gratification scale. Start shaking this easy-to-play yet professional-grade instrument, and embedded green, red and yellow lights will blink along to your jingly rhythms. Ask about fruit- and vegetable-shaped shakers for stocking stuffers, too!

New Mexico Rocks! Calendar Girls Compilation CD, $7

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Socyermom Records graciously produced this charity compilation of 21 original songs from the New Mexico Rocks! Calendar Girls (to be released at simultaneous live shows Friday, Dec. 15, at Atomic Cantina and Burt's Tiki Lounge). Even better? The CD includes never-before-seen NMR pinup photos! The New Mexico Rocks! bands are: Unit 7 Drain, The Gracchi, Romeo Goes to Hell, Pan!c, Sin Serenade, Creepshow, Feels Like Sunday, DJ Miss Ginger, Hit by a Bus, Ki and The Foxx. One hundred percent of this local CD benefits Gulf Coast rebuilding efforts by the Common Ground Collective.