Alibi V.16 No.38 • Sept 20-26, 2007 


Where Are They Now?

A noncomprehensive list of former Alibi staffers who moved on to bigger and better things

Compiled by Devin D. O’Leary

Simon Romero (Editor 1992-93) Andean Region Correspondent for the New York Times

Lauri Sagle (Editor 1994, Managing Editor 1998-2000) Writing and Composition Instructor University of Hawaii English Department

Michael Henningsen (Music Editor/Editor 1994-2005) Public Information Officer, New Mexico Economic Development Department

Ana Reinert (Art Director 1994-1996) Designer for Shoebox Cards (a division of Hallmark)

Angie Drobnic (News Editor 1994-1998) News researcher for the St. Petersberg Times

Blake de Pastino (Arts Editor/Managing Editor 1995-1998) Correspondent, National Geographic Online News

Ashley Gauthier (Director of Business and Legal Affairs 1995-1997) Associate General Counsel, US News & World Report; Professorial Lecturer, American University School of Communication (Washington, D.C.)

Valerie Yarberry (Larkin) (Staff Writer/Calendars Editor 1999-2002) Editorial Assistant, University of New Mexico Press

David Landry (Associate Editor 2000-2001) Senior Editor Budapest Business Journal

Gwyneth Doland (Food Editor 1999-2005) Special Sections Editor/Food Editor, Santa Fe Reporter; Author of Seductive Salsa, Tantalizing Tamales, Mole! and Cilantro Secrets.