Alibi V.16 No.44 • Nov 1-7, 2007 


Are You On the Frontier or At The Frontier?

Choose “a” or “b”--whichever most accurately suits your whereabouts.

1) I am here with ...

a. Nobody. I'll send for my family once I claim some land.

b. The bars just closed, so … everybody, I think.

2) Why am I here?

a. A chance at a new life, opportunity.

b. The sweet rolls and sweet muzak.

3) Around here, ____ is very entrancing.

a. The expansiveness and scenic beauty

b. The tortilla machine and orange juice maker

4) I got here via ____.

a. The Oregon Trail

b. The Rapid Ride

5) Right now I am reading ____.

a. Nothing. I can't read.

b. The Alibi

6) When I'm done here I'll be ____.

a. Strong, successful, proud

b. In the bathroom

7) I travel toward ____.

a. The sunset

b. The flashing green light

8) My spurs and gun are ____.

a. On my boots and hip (respectively)

b. On the wall, next to a painting of a kachina doll (respectfully)

9) When I look around I see ____.

a. The Marlboro Man

b. John Wayne

10) Finish this phrase: "Western style ____."

a. Livin'

b. Hash browns

If you chose mostly "a"s you're a true pioneer of the West. If you chose mostly "b"s, you're a true pioneer of the student ghetto.