Alibi V.17 No.14 • April 3-9, 2008 

BOB: Best Anything We Forgot

There's so much going on in this city, surely there are categories (or should-be categories) that slipped our mind. That's why we're glad for this mental nudge-in-the-ribs. Here's a sampling of the best stuff we forgot this year.

Best Game Shop
Active Imagination

Best Weekly Paper

Best Art Supply Store
Tie: Artisan, Langell's

Best Local Sound and Backline Provider
Audio Excellence

Best Outdoor Space
Bear Canyon

Best Handmade Crafts Gift Shop
Blue Portal

Best Deep Tissue Therapist
Bobbie Martin

Best Director
Tie: Brandon Scott Jensen, Scott Milder

Best Salsa Band
Calle 66

Best Place to People Watch
Carom Club (One Up) patio

Best Seamstress
Cicatrix Design/Kelly Koeninger

Best Local Comedienne
Dana Goldberg

Best New Locally Made Hot Pepper Sauce
Devil Duck Sauces

Best Restaurant at which to Play Scrabble In
Dion's at Central and Monroe

Best Industrial Band

Best Radio Personality
Donnie Chase

Best Dance Troupe
Tie: DXS, Throb

Best Local Web Show
"Everyday Hardcore"

Best Industry Bringing Money to the Local Economy
Film Industry

Best Indoor Flea Market

Best Glassblower

Best Nerds’ Night Out
Geeks Who Drink

Best Veterinary Clinic
Good Shepherd Animal Clinic

Best Framing Shop
Hiland Frames

Best Use of Public Funds
Tie: Improving local shelters, Lucky Paws

Best AFD Paramedic Firefighter
Karl Isselhard

Best Place for Culture on the West Bank
Market Café

Best Cover Tune of 2007
Mechanism of Eve doing “Song 2” by Blur on Aug. 31, 2007

Best News Anchor
Nicole Brady

Best Piercer
Noah Babcock from Evolution

Best Local VJ

Best Music Festival

Best Card Store

Best Fair Trade Store

Best Liquor Store
Quarters on Yale

Best Hot Air Balloon Ride
Rainbow Ryders, Inc.

Best Hookah Spot
Relux Hookah

Best Hug-Crazy Drunk
Rod Lacy

Best Record Label
Sicksicksick Distro

Best Local Movement
Soy de Burque

Best Performance Space
The Box

Best Place to See Clouds on a Starry Night
The Planetarium at the NM Museum of Natural History

Best Punk Band
The Rumfits

Best Bouncer
Tommy at the Launchpad

Best View of Albuquerque
Top of the Hill at Los Volcanes and Rio Bravo

Best Ghost Tour
Tours of Old Town

Best Fiber Addiction Specialist
Village Wools