The Sweet Stuff
 Alibi V.17 No.41 • Oct 9-15, 2008 

BOBR: The Sweet Stuff

The Sweet Stuff

Ecco Espresso and Gelato, Best Ice Cream
Ecco Espresso and Gelato, Best Ice Cream
Tina Larkin

Dessert and other life-altering moments.

Best Desserts

Flying Star Café

When sugar calls (and we don't mean the stripper you met last week at da club), there are a few things you can do: 1) Resist that sweet, sweet urge; 2) Go to the gas station and purchase M&Ms (boooor-ring); or 3) Drop in at Double Rainbow, oops, Flying Star, ogle the glass-encased wonderland of desserts, fork over your dollars and let your mouth go to town. Whether it's through sheer volume or the potency of the product, Flying Star is the Burque beacon of sugar. (JCC)

2) ABC Cake Shop

3) Cupcakeology

Best Chocolate Confections

Theobroma Chocolatier

Around these parts, the four food groups we observe are salty, meaty, goopy and chocolate. We take chocolate seriously, and we sleep a little easier at night knowing the folks at Theobrama Chocolatier are right there with us, handcrafting hundreds of shapes and flavor combinations to keep us comfortably addicted. (LM)

2) The Candy Lady

3) Buffett's Candies

Best Cupcakes


On the wall of Cupcakeology is an adage that perfectly describes this maker of delicious cupcakes: "You are what you eat, so eat something cute." With more than 32 cake and frosting combos, you're sure to find something you wouldn't mind resembling. Cupcakes: More than sweet treats—they’re a fashion statement. (AD)

2) Cake Fetish

3) ABC Cake Shop

Best Scones

Landslide: The Daily Grind

Woah, scone eaters. You turned out en masse to vote The Daily Grind as the Duke City's top baker of scones. The margin of victory was so great, there weren't any clear runners up. Understandable, as The Daily Grind bakes a variety of scones with fresh berries and dips them in sugar every morning. These things fly off the shelves like hotcakes—or hot scones, if you will-—frequently leaving the middle-morning scone seekers empty-handed. (AD)

Best Ice Cream

Ecco Espresso and Gelato

We outgrew our OshKosh B’Gosh and fondness for dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets a long time ago. But one thing we never get too old for is ice cream. As Ecco Espresso and Gelato will tell you, it ain't just for kids. Gelato in particular, made with milk instead of cream and an emphasis on gourmet flavor combinations, appeals to the happy, hedonistic adult in all of us. (LM)

2) Ben and Jerry's Scoop Shop

3) I Scream Ice Cream

Best French Pastries

La Quiche Parisienne Bistro

La Quiche Parisienne Bistro does pastries right. Its dessert case is mesmerizing. Choose from the hands-down best lemon, blueberry, almond and fruit tarts in the city, along with cream-laced cakes and buttery, sculpted breads. There’s no doubt the sweets here are authentic, and they always leave you looking forward to your next visit. La Quiche is a little gem of a restaurant tucked away Downtown. Even if that's not your neighborhood, this place is worth an adventurous foray. (CC)

2) French Riviera Bakery

3) Le Chantilly Pastry Shop