Alibi V.18 No.51 • Dec 17-23, 2009 


QUIZ: Five Questions on Albuquerque

Special web bonus by Eric The Jewish Viking, Albuquerque Quizmaster

1) As proud citizens of Albuquerque we know that Flying Star was originally Double Rainbow, but do you know what it originally served?

2) What's the name of the Lobo Women's Soccer star who got us national attention after some dirty play on the field?

3) What local and mostly abandoned landmark served as the set for the 2009 Seth Rogen film Observe and Report?

4) What street became Albuquerque's first "Bicycle Boulevard"?

5) What's the sci-fi-sounding name of Sandia Labs' x-ray generator that holds the record for highest human-made temperature (6.6 billion degrees Fahrenheit)?