Alibi V.19 No.40 • Oct 7-13, 2010 

Best of Burque Restaurants 2010

The Sweet Stuff


Best Desserts

Flying Star Café

See A.M., Best Pancakes for contact information.
How about a gigantic éclair with velvety custard oozing out the middle? Maybe you’re a key lime pie kind of person, or a three-tiered chocolate cake with raspberry glaze lover. Or keep it classic with a warm piece of cherry pie à la mode. Whatever you choose, Flying Star can fill your order. (CC)
2) Cupcakeology
3) Chillz Frozen Custard

Best Chocolate Confections

The Candy Lady

524 Romero NW • 243-6239
Everyone knows this Old Town casa is the go-to place for titillating treats. But there are plenty of PG-rated sweets on the Candy Lady’s shelves, too. Her homemade fudges, truffles, caramels, nut brittles, glazed fruits, creams and jellies make us feel like kids in a ... well, you know. (CC)
2) Theobroma
3) Chocolate Cartel

Best Cupcakes

Cake Fetish

Uptown: 2665 Louisiana NE • 883-0670
Westside: 6200 Coors, Suite A9 • 899-2425
Cake Fetish makes 36 flavors (that’s more than Baskin-Robbins). With that many cupcakes, you’re bound to find some creative arrangements: Caramel apple? Check. Cherry limeade? Indeed. Margarita madness? You betcha. They even come in minis. (CC)
2) Cupcakeology
3) Just a Bite! Bakery

Best Cookies

Cravin' Cookies ... and More!

10420 Fourth Street NW • 298-2597
Our readers gladly make the trek to the Far North Valley for these baked goods. Their verdict: awesome cookies, enthusiastic service. (JB)
2) Flying Star Café
3) Baggin's Gourmet Sandwiches

Best Frozen Desserts

Chillz Frozen Custard

2720 Central SE • 265-5648
One of the best reasons to celebrate our long, hot summer, Chillz creamy custard is only made better with the addition of crunch, fruit and syrups. Sometimes brain freeze is a good thing. (MY)
2) Ecco Espresso and Gelato
3) La Michoacana

Best European Bakery

Le Chantilly Pastry Shop

8216 Menaul NE • 293-7057
Fine breads and pastries that are a vision to behold are the hallmark of this excellent pâtissier. Enjoy coffee and a whole-wheat croissant sandwich while you decide what to take home for later. (MY)
2) French Riviera Bakery
3) Swiss Alps Bakery

Best Doughnuts

Zombie Doughnut Café

2318 Central SE • 814-4676
Could it get any better? Zombie is now serving its maple-bacon and Nutella confections at a new location on Central. And don't underestimate the power of a Zombie bagel breakfast to wake the dead. (MY)
2) Donut Mart
3) Tie: Enchantment Chocolates, Flying Star Café, Route 66 Donuts and Bagels

Best Smoothies

Keva Juice (by a landslide)

More than 10 locations in the Albuquerque area: complete list of locations and phone numbers at
The votes piled high, and it's a landslide victory for this franchise. Whether you're after the Bananarama, the Kevasicle or the Keva Kolada, your know your blended fruitsation is going to come cold, blended and balanced. It's a flavorsplosion of tasteocity. (MD)

Best Milkshakes

66 Diner

1405 Central NE • 247-1421
Best milkshake ever: chocolate banana. It’s not on the menu, but 66 Diner will make it for you. That’s the beautiful thing about this retro soda fountain—the servers will make you just about anything, and they will make it really, really well. (CC)
2) Route 66 Malt Shop
3) Owl Café
Results reported by John Bear (JB), Christie Chisholm (CC), Marisa Demarco (MD), Adam Fox (AF), Ari LeVaux (ALV), Laura Marrich (LM), Devin O’Leary (DO’L), Mina Yamashita (MY)