Alibi V.20 No.14 • April 7-13, 2011 

Best of Burque 2011

Local Flavor

Best Growers' Market

Downtown Growers Market

Eric Williams
Robinson Park
Eighth Street and Central NW
Saturdays mornings, June through October
When you buy your produce directly from the hands that raised it, you’re supporting the local economy and a sustainable food system. Basically, you’re helping the world be a better place from your own kitchen. Alibi readers agree that the Downtown market is the best place to get started.
2) Los Ranchos Growers' Market
3) Corrales Growers' Market

Best Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Service

Los Poblanos Organics

4803 Rio Grande NW
Multiple pickup locations
Los Poblanos has integrated itself into the culture of our city. It’s organic, it’s year-round, it’s distributed to a host of area restaurants and into many of your kitchens. It’s simply the best.
2) ARCA Organics
3) Erda Gardens and Learning Center

Best Butcher / Meat Counter

Keller's Farm Stores

2912 Eubank NE (at Candelaria)

6100 Coors NW, Suite H (at Montano Plaza)
So here’s the thing about meat: You want it to be chock-full of flavor, not hormones and preservatives. That’s why you shop at a place like Keller’s, which sells natural, humanely raised and chemical-free meats. Then when you bring home the bacon, you bring it home right.
2) Nelson's Meats
3) Tie: Alpine Sausage Kitchen, Tully's Italian Deli & Meats

Best Locally Made Condiment

Sadie's salsa
Whether you guzzle this heat-packing potion at the flagship Los Ranchos restaurant or sample it gingerly from a jar you picked up at the grocery store, you know why it won this category: New Mexicans like things hot.
2) El Pinto salsa
3) 505 Southwestern salsa

Best Bakery

Flying Star Café

Nob Hill: 3416 Central NE • 255-4501
Downtown: 723 Silver SW • 244-8099
North Valley: 4026 Rio Grande NW • 344-6714
Uptown: 8001 Menaul NE • 293-6911
Northeast Heights: 4501 Juan Tabo NE • 275-8311
Corrales: 10700 Corrales Road • 938-4717
Bernalillo: 200 South Camino del Pueblo • 404-2100
Flying Star makes a tantalizingly thick chocolate mousse cake and a tender jelly-filled doughnut with equal perfection. In fact, there’s entire cases stocked with immaculate confectionary concoctions. And it’s open late. Let’s celebrate by eating some cake right now.
2) ABC Cake Shop and Bakery
3) Golden Crown Panadería

Best Specialty Grocery Store

La Montañita Co-op

UNM Grab & Go
UNM Bookstore
2301 Central NE

Nob Hill
3500 Central SE

2400 Rio Grande NW
It feels good to shop at co-ops, which support the local economy and the regional foodshed. You know you’re not handing your dollars to money-grubbing big business. Plus, La Montañita has some damn fine vegan chocolate cupcakes, and that feels good, too.
2) Talin Market World Food Fare
3) Keller's Farm Stores

Best Everyday Grocery Store

Smith's Food & Drug

Multiple locations
The Smith’s on Constitution and Carlisle has real, honest-to-God sushi. And an olive bar. And it's delicious.
2) Trader Joe's
3) Whole Foods Market

Best Produce Selection

Sunflower Farmers Market

Eric Williams
Multiple locations
Sunflower locations continue to expand across the Southwest. (Albuquerque has four now.) Their fine produce selection is just one reason why. Regular and organic fruits and veggies sit side-by-side. Fava beans? Sunchokes? They've got those. And more.
2) Whole Foods Market
3) La Montañita Co-op

Best Wine Shop

Jubilation Wine & Spirits

Eric Williams
3512 Lomas NE
Jubilation carries just about any wine, beer or liquor you can think of, and plenty you can’t. It’s never open later than 10 p.m., which keeps the place classy.
2) The Quarters Package Liquor
3) Kelly Liquors

Best Brewery

Marble Brewery

111 Marble NW
Draft Magazine listed Marble's From the Wood Belgian-style ale as one of the “Top 25 Beers of 2010.” With seven regular house beers and a host of seasonal selections, it's not hard to see why Marble is such an up-and-comer in the suds industry. Grab some from store shelves, or head on over to the brewpub on—where else?—Marble to see what's on tap.
2) Chama River Brewing Company
3) La Cumbre Brewing Company
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