Tales From the Blotter
 Alibi V.20 No.33 • Aug 18-24, 2011 


Tales From the Blotter

Here are highlights from the June 2011 Albuquerque Police Department Monthly Report (cabq.gov/police/reports). They happened in a ’hood near you. (EK)

Southeast Area Command: “A male subject entered the police vehicle while it was occupied by the detective. Detective Barela and Detective Lopez identified two subjects. Both were arrested and admitted to being in the area to purchase heroin from a new drug dealer that they had not met. They thought that Detective Barela was the drug dealer because they drove similar vehicles.”

Foothills Area Command: “Officer M. Glynn observed a person driving without a seat belt. During the stop, the driver acted suspiciously and was vague about who owned the vehicle. Officer Glynn towed the car because the driver could not produce proof of insurance. Officer M. Glynn subsequently found 21 bags of marijuana packaged for sale, an electronic scale and four tablets of ecstasy that were also packaged for sale.”

Valley Area Command: “When officers arrived [at a hotel], they found a female passed out on a bed and a 6-month-old child in a car seat on the bed. The room was extremely warm and it was unknown how long the baby and the female had been in the room. The female was transported to the hospital due to her level of intoxication and the baby was taken to the hospital for evaluation. A bag of cocaine was located in the baby’s shoe. CYFD was contacted and the baby was taken into their custody.”

Southwest Area Command: “Officers B. Briones, A. Chavez and his recruit, A. Simmons responded to a call where a small child was locked in a truck for approximately an hour in 90-degree weather. Officers broke a window in the vehicle to gain entry and contact the child. The 8-month-old child was evaluated by medical personnel and released. The father of the child was arrested for felony child abuse. During the rescue, the father pleaded with officers to not break the window of his truck, regardless of his child’s distress.”

Northeast Area Command: “Team 5 bike officers proved instrumental in their performance and assistance in the arrest of three Mexican Mafia subjects after the Coronado Mall had received a tip that a heist was being planned. Officer Vigil assisted ICE agents by translating in Spanish, enabling the agent to gain important information on caches of weapons and stolen property.”