Alibi V.20 No.40 • Oct 6-12, 2011 

Best of Burque Restaurants 2011



Best Huevos Rancheros

The Range Café

Best Huevos Rancheros: The Range Café
Best Huevos Rancheros: The Range Café
Eric Williams
Northeast Heights: 4401 Wyoming NE • 293-2633
UNM Area: 2200 Menaul NE • 888-1660
Bernalillo: 925 Camino del Pueblo • 867-1700
The Range serves this New Mexico staple just the way Alibi readers like it—with a blue corn tortilla, white cheddar cheese and enough chile to get you high till New Year’s.
2) Frontier
3) Duran Central Pharmacy

Best Breakfast Burrito

Frontier / Golden Pride BBQ, Chicken & Ribs

2400 Central SE • 266-0550
Golden Pride
Northeast Heights: 3720 Juan Tabo NE • 294-5767
East Central: 10101 Central NE • 293-3531
UNM Area: 1830 Lomas NE • 242-2181
Westside: 5231 Central NW • 836-1544
There’s something about Frontier and Golden Pride’s simple, five-ingredient burrito that inspires serious food lust. Is it the roasted chunks of green chile that wake you up in the middle of the night? The salty, slightly crispy hash browns? Whatever its secret, the Frontier’s got you hooked.
2) Blake's Lotaburger
3) Tie: Dos Hermanos, Flying Star Café, Twisters

Best Pancakes


Downtown: 2039 Fourth Street NW • 242-1226
Fairgrounds: 933 San Mateo NE • 265-9237
Far Northeast Heights: 6650 Holly NE • 821-9816
I-25 Corridor: 4500 Osuna NE • 344-1472
Northeast Heights: 3913 Louisiana NE • 881-0019
Northeast Heights: 1105 Juan Tabo NE • 293- 3154
Westside: 6311 Riverside Plaza NW • 352-6209
Rio Rancho: 1620 Rio Rancho Boulevard SE • 896-1411
Alibi readers give Weck’s a collective thumbs up for giant, made-from-scratch stacks infused with the old-fashioned goodness of buttermilk. It’s like a big plate full of “Good mornin’!”
2) Frontier
3) Flying Star Café

Best French Toast

Flying Star Café

Nob Hill: 3416 Central SE • 255-6633
Downtown: 723 Silver SW • 244-8099
North Valley: 4026 Rio Grande NW • 344-6714
Uptown: 8001 Menaul NE • 293-6911
Northeast Heights: 4501 Juan Tabo NE • 275-8311
Far Northeast Heights: 8000 Paseo Del Norte NE • 923-4211
Corrales: 10700 Corrales Road • 938-4717
Bernalillo: 200 South Camino del Pueblo • 404-2100
Loaded down with caramelized brown-sugar syrup, fresh fruit and real whipped cream, these things are like giant slabs of crack. Albuquerque, you are addicted.
2) Weck's
3) Slate Street Café

Best Eggs


See Best Pancakes for contact information.
Get them whipped into a big honkin’ omelet, stuffed into a burly breakfast burrito or crowning a bowl of Weck’s famous papas and chile. Readers agree it’s eggcellent here.
2) Le Peep
3) Gold Street Caffè

Best Bacon

Gold Street Caffè

218 Gold SW • 765-1633
Crispy bacon glazed in red chile: It’s a siren song that’s lured some of the most devout vegetarians we know into a momentary meat relapse. Resistance is futile. That’s why Gold Street has this category on lock down every year.
2) Weck's
3) Tie: The Range Café, Slate Street Café

Best Healthy Breakfast

The Grove Café and Market

600 Central SE • 248-9800
Poached eggs with asparagus, housemade granola and organic yogurt, or a steamy bowl of oatmeal. When you want to eat right and do it with flourish, there’s no better breakfast than The Grove’s.
2) Flying Star Café
3) Tie: Annapurna's World Vegetarian Café, The Range Café

Best Doughnuts

Donut Mart

Northeast Heights: 1605 Juan Tabo NE • 292-9908
Northeast Heights: 4501 Montgomery NE • 881-2707
UNM Area: 1723 Lomas NE • 247-9022
Westside: 3301 Coors NW • 352-6008
Local doughnuts! Hot and spongy or crumbly and moist, you can't beat these guys. And they're always inexpensive. Try the purple frosting one with sprinkles. Or the highlighter-orange glazed. No kidding.
2) Krispy Kreme
3) Duke City Donuts

Best Cup of Coffee

Satellite Coffee

Nob Hill: 3513 Central NE • 256-0345
UNM Area: 2300 Central SE • 254-3800
UNM Area: 1131 University NE • 247-0662
Westside: 1642 Alameda NW • 899-1001
Northeast Heights: 8405 Montgomery NE • 296-7654
Uptown: 2201 Louisiana NE • 884-0098
When you’re cramming for an O-chem exam, inferior bean juice doesn’t cut it. The smart folks at Satellite know this. In addition to convenient spots all over town, they’ve installed premium java dispensaries at several strategic locations on and around UNM campus. Brain cells, ignite!
2) Tie: Café Giuseppe, Winning Coffee Co.
3) Tie: The Grove Café and Market, Java Joe’s

Best Brunch

Tie: The Grove Café and Market, Zinc Wine Bar & Bistro

The Grove
See Best Healthy Breakfast for contact information.
3009 Central NE • 254-ZINC (9462)
You can’t choose between the sunlight-soaked stainless steel at The Grove and the cozy, amber woods at Zinc. What makes these two eateries so special is not only their phenomenal food, but the way they make you feel when you step inside.
2) Slate Street Café
3) Weck's

Best Biscuits and Gravy


See Best Pancakes for contact information.
It ain’t fancy food, but nothing gets your pants on faster in the morning than the promise of flecks of sausage and bacon permeating a puddle of cream gravy.
2) The Range Café
3) Grandma’s K & I Diner

Best Hash Browns


See Best Breakfast Burrito for contact information.
They’re good for a late-night snack or an early-morning meal. Frontier’s hash browns hit just the right spot. You know the one.
2) Slate Street Café
3) Weck's
Results reported by Sam Adams, Jessica Cassyle Carr, Christie Chisholm, Marisa Demarco, Ari LeVaux, Laura Marrich, Devin O’Leary and Mina Yamashita