Alibi V.21 No.14 • April 5-11, 2012 

Best of Burque 2012


Best Bookstore


Nikki Zabicki
4022 Rio Grande NW
Bookworks maintains its, ahem, title year after year for its cozy, tightly packed and yet somehow easily navigable interior, as well as its intense community involvement. Bringing authors to town and hosting events is just a day in Bookworks’ life, and we’re a better city for it.
2) Page One Bookstore
3) Alamosa Books

Best Used Books

Page One

11018 Montgomery NE
For more than three decades, Page One has been a go-to source for recycled tomes (not to mention a wide selection of newer titles, as well). Its vast shelves are a great place to get lost in imaginary worlds—just picture yourself as a Lewis Carroll or C.S. Lewis character and get whisked away.
2) Bird Song Used Books
3) Title Wave Books

Best Magazine Selection

Flying Star Café

Multiple locations
While magazines are available for purchase at all Flying Star locations, what really makes the restaurant’s selection a winner is the fact that you can leisurely flip through all that glossy text while having your cake and eating it, too. It’s a cheapskate Condé Nast lover’s dream come true.
2) Page One Bookstore
3) The News Stand

Best Men's Apparel

Dressed to Kill Clothier

220 Copper NW
Steven Keator's shop next to Hotel Andaluz boasts some of the most swank and current styles in the 505. Frequented by visiting film actors and fashion hounds, a visit to DKC is how readers step up their red carpet swagger.
2) Izzy Martin
3) Free Radicals

Best Women's Apparel

Free Radicals

300 Yale SE
Free Radicals is the reigning queen of punk rock, goth and rockabilly clothing. It’s also the only place in town where you can pick up all your steampunk essentials, like boots emblazoned with cogs, jewelry embedded with cogs and, of course, button-up shirts embroidered with cogs. (There’s tons men’s stuff too—with and without cogs.)
2) 66 Pin-Ups
3) Buffalo Exchange

Best Vintage Apparel

Buffalo Exchange

3005 Central NE
Hoping to score some kitten heels or a ’70s maxi dress for under $20? Buffalo Exchange is where you go when you want great deals on recycled fashion.
2) Off Broadway
3) Revolver Vintage

Best Jewelry Store

Ooh! Aah! Jewelry

110 Amherst SE
This Nob Hill standout has a selection wide enough to appeal to women (and men) across a range of tastes and budgets. The staff is unwaveringly friendly and eager to help without being pushy.
2) Lilly Barrack
3) Gertrude Zachary

Best Thrift Store

Thrift Town

3900 Menaul NE
Sometimes the search involves a little more sifting, but the payoff is that much bigger. At Thrift Town, you can unearth an overlooked pair of Ferragamo boots for the same price you’d dish out for lunch.
2) Savers
3) Buffalo Exchange

Best Toy Store

Out of the Blue Toys

2502 Rio Grande NW
Year after year, readers find everything from eco-friendly toys to puppets to magic accoutrements at this cute little toy store.
2) Kaboom Test Labs
3) Beeps

Best Shop for Parents

Self Serve Sexuality Resource Center

3904B Central SE
We love that Self Serve won this category. Rightfully so, since parents deserve a little pleasure, too. In addition to all the obvious ways to show your baby mama how much you care, Self Serve also suggests giving her some loving with massage-oil candles and bars of gourmet chocolate.
2) Other Mothers
3) Out of the Blue Toys

Best Antiques Store

Christian Dimery Antiques and Oddities

4001 Central NE
Whether your heart desires a midcentury sofa or 19th-century funeral paraphernalia, Christian Dimery—located at Morningside and Central in Upper Nob Hill—has room after room of dazzling old things.
2) SOLE Art & Antiques
3) Antique Specialty Mall

Best New Furniture

American Home

3535 Menaul NE
Looking for a wall-to-wall statement carpet? An effete apartment-size leather couch? Or are you happy to throw a mattress on the floor and call it a day? American has everything you need to furnish your particular breed of palace, and it delivers right to your doorstep.
2) Nob Hill Furniture
3) TEMA Contemporary Furniture

Best Comic Book Store


3100 Central SE
Open, airy and surprisingly tidy for a comic book store, this Nob Hill institution supplements Burque's best selection of new and old comics with a wall-to-wall offering of collectable action figures and vintage toys.
2) Kaboom Test Labs
3) Twin Suns Comics and Games

Best Sexy Shop

Self Serve Sexuality Resource Center

3904B Central SE
This relaxed, educational and totally fun sex shop is run by powerhouse business owners Matie Fricker and Molly Adler. Around to answer your quasi-scandalous questions, these two ladies and their store have made Albuquerque a better-informed and friendlier place to get your groove on.
2) Castle Megastore
3) Seductions

Best Shoe Store

Shoes on a Shoestring

10030 Coors NW
7200 Montgomery NE
Scan the isles of Shoes on a Shoestring’s massive collection to find exactly what pretty, burly, skinny, wide, sexy, comfy or economical footwear your little toes require.
2) Dillard's
3) Terra Firma

Best Bicycle Shop

The Bike Coop

3407 Central NE
It’s the sixth year in a row that The Bike Coop has peddled its way into first-place ranking here. The Nob Hill shop sells new velos, fixes old ones and offers a bevy of bike accessories.
2) Fixed and Free Bike Shop
3) Two Wheel Drive

Best Skate/Snow Shop

Skate City

1311 Eubank NE
This jam-packed storefront has been supplying asphalt and powder junkies with the gear they need—decks, shoes, trucks, wheels, boards, clothes, and all the other bells and whistles—since 1976.
2) BZ
3) Sport Systems

Best Smoke Shop

Gas Pipe

8508 Central SE
From blacklight posters of Bob Marley to an assortment of pipe and glass wear, our readers are stoked about the Gas Pipe. It also boasts a decent cigar selection, unlike blunt-only headshops.
2) The Zone
3) M&M Smoke Shop

Best Music Store

Charley's 33s and CDs

7602 Menaul NE
This store could also call itself Charley's New & Pre-Owned CDs, Records, Tapes. Posters, Stickers, Collector's Box Sets, Vintage Clothing & That Smiths Peel Sessions Vinyl Reissue You Didn't Even Know Existed but NOW YOU MUST OWN.
2) Nob Hill Music
3) Mecca Music & Books

Best Music Equipment Store

Grandma’s Music & Sound

9310 Coors NW
(800) 444-5252
Started by a musician, Grandma’s offers artists and audio connoisseurs the same variety of instruments, gear and equipment as a superstore, but without the sellout vibe.
2) Music Go Round
3) Grumpy’s Guitars & Stuff

Best Pet Shop

Clark's Pet Emporium

4914 Lomas NE
11200 Menaul NE
Clark’s has got it all, from parakeet paraphernalia to reptile requirements. And, unlike those mega-chain pet stores, it’s got a laid-back but highly informed staff able to answer all of your questions about tarantula care.
2) Long Leash On Life
3) Jack & Rascals

Best Plant Nursery

Osuna Nursery

501 Osuna NE
Now that spring has sprung, you should probably be making weekly pit stops at Osuna, where you can find the fillers for your beds, the trees for your groves and the cacti for your xeriscapes.
2) Rehm's Nursery & Garden Center
3) Jericho Nursery & Garden Centers