Alibi V.21 No.38 • Sept 20-26, 2012 



• The Crawl splits in two, offering a spring and fall version. In the fall intro: “Much has been said lately about a soon-to-be revitalized Downtown shimmering with retail and entertainment possibilities that Albuquerqueans of a decade ago could only dream of.” The lineup includes: Oh, Ranger!, Pilot to Bombardier, Concepto Tambor and The Shins. Then-Arts Editor Steven Robert Allen makes a case for instant runoff voting, a system still discussed as an alternative to today’s method, which caters to two-party elections.

Best Haiku About Your Pet:
Four paws reach skyward
Belly warmed by noonday sun
Dog celebrates life

—Diane Diehls, 2000

• The much-loved University-area movie theater The Lobo closes in early August. Built in 1939, the brick-walled space goes on to house a reformed Christian megachurch.

Best Actor To Play Heather Wilson In The Made-For-TV Movie Of Her Life: Sigourney Weaver

Best Place To Pretend You’re In A Bruce Lee Movie: New Chinatown Restaurant

Best Local Hero: Notah Begay

• The Shins sign to Sub Pop.

• The Albuquerque Dukes, our minor-league baseball team since 1915, is sold to Oregon and renamed the Portland Beavers.

• Taiwan-born filmmaker Ang Lee takes Asian action mainstream with the gorgeous martial arts film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It becomes the highest-grossing foreign film in American history and is nominated for 10 Academy Awards.

• A prescribed burn in the Jemez Mountains rages out of control. Named the Cerro Grande fire, it devours more than 400 homes (including Publisher Petersen’s childhood home and comic book collection) and about 47,000 acres of forest.

•Toward the end of the year, Al Gore wins New Mexico’s presidential election by 366 votes, but the Supreme Court makes the final call on the razor tight, controversial nationwide margin—ushering in the Dawn of Dubya.