You Deserve Dessert
 Alibi V.21 No.41 • Oct 11-17, 2012 

BOBR: The Sweet Stuff

You Deserve Dessert

Best Chocolates: The Candy Lady
Best Chocolates: The Candy Lady
Eric Williams

Best Desserts

Flying Star Café

A late-night slice of Key lime pie. A fruit tart. A celebratory strawberry cheesecake. A guilt-worthy chunk of eclair. A three-tier chocolate mousse cake dusted in cocoa powder and chocolate shavings. Of course Flying Star’s your favorite.

2) Le Chantilly Pastry Shop

3) Rebel Donut

Best Chocolates

The Candy Lady

It’s not just because you can get these confections in obscene shapes. It’s also because the chocolates at The Candy Lady come in every flavor, texture and orientation you can fathom.

2) Theobroma Chocolatier

3) Buffett's Candies

Best Doughnuts

Rebel Donut

Isn’t just eating doughnuts naughty enough? Oh no. We won't stop till it's doughnut anarchy—punked out, tricked out, deliquescent rings of fried cakes. Rocky road, caramel apple, chocolate salted pretzel, blue meth (really!). These are doughnuts worth fighting for. Maybe worth dying for.

2) Duke City Donuts

3) Donut Mart

Best Cupcakes

Cake Fetish

Mondays might be blueberry streusel. Tuesdays, perhaps tiramisu. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday could bring hotcakes, apricot delight and Black Forest. And on Saturdays, we celebrate with sundae fundae. Cake Fetish bakes and dollops more than 35 seasonally rotating flavors of your most salivation-worthy afternoon snack.

2) The Grove Café and Market

3) Say It With Cake

Best Cookies

Flying Star Café

Our readers spend a long time in front of the glass cases at Flying Star. There are just so many cookies to choose from, they don’t notice the line behind them getting longer and longer. C’mon guys, you can pick one at random. They’re all great.

2) Al’s Big Dipper

3) Baggin’s Gourmet Sandwiches

Best European Bakery

La Quiche Parisienne Bistro

Word is that some of our readers love this place so much they’ve created religious cults around their favorite pastries. Who knew that pain au chocolat had such powers?

2) Le Paris French Bakery

3) Le Chantilly Pastry Shop

Best Frozen Desserts

Olo Yogurt Studio

A little squirt of chocolate, a little squirt of cheesecake, a little squirt of strawberry. At Olo you get to decide which frozen yogurt flavors go together. Why not experiment? Capulin cake batter and pomrazz tart sounds interesting. Especially with some gummy worms, lychee and chile powder sprinkled on top. Er ... or maybe just stick with the suggested combinations after all.

2) Chillz Frozen Custard

3) Menchie's

Best Milkshakes

66 Diner

It makes sense once you see the shiny mint-green milkshake machines behind the counter. Anything that gets whipped in those has to be the best. It’s not on the menu, but we suggest you ask for the chocolate-bannana milkshake. It would make Elvis proud.

2) Route 66 Malt Shop

3) Model Pharmacy