Alibi V.21 No.43 • Oct 25-31, 2012 


County Treasurer

Salary: $65,501 per year • Term: Four Years • Tasks: Central banker for the county, responsible for property tax collections and investments. More than $1 billion flows through the office annually.

Manny Ortiz (D)George Torres (R)
The Treasurer’s Office is more complex than people realize, says Manny Ortiz, who today is the Bernalillo County investment officer. In addition to his work with the county, he has a business degree with experience in banking, private accounting and as an agent for the IRS—so he's in a good position to understand the nuances.

Ortiz oversaw a county investment policy that brought in revenues in excess of the budget. He says his work as investment officer also means that he’s well-versed in the workings of county finances. He’s familiar with how the Treasurer's Office needs to be managed.

He says he’d also take an active role in making it easier for people to stay up-to-date with their property taxes and would work with the state Legislature to keep rates stable for elderly citizens.
After canceling his first interview, Torres didn’t schedule a replacement, citing a busy schedule. He also made an odd comment that this race doesn’t really interest voters.

Without much of the way of campaign information available online, we were able to glean only that Torres is a successful real estate broker who wants to bring a team-building approach to this office.


Not only is he qualified for this technical position with years of relevant experience, but Ortiz seems to genuinely care about serving his constituents. His commitment stands in contrast to his opponent, whose unwillingness to present his platform to our panel has us wondering whether Torres himself has the time—or even the commitment—required to adequately serve county residents. Our endorsement goes squarely to Manny Ortiz.