Alibi V.22 No.14 • April 4-10, 2013 

BOB: Community Pick

Amelia Olson

Neblina founder, musician

Amelia Olson
Amelia Olson

Best Place To Witness the Internet Ruling the World

Just past the confusing and awkward intersection of Girard and Central, there are two ghost buildings that once housed a lot of feelings. Late fees, rental specials and an impossible carpet that can only be found on the floors of a video rental store or in city buses ... Hollywood Video and Blockbuster once provided a full Friday night of movies. Now they stand, empty and lonely, but have somehow managed to stay lonely together. Between the internet and Netflix, the new popular girl in school, these buildings wait to be useful once more.

Best Place to Face Your Own Mortality

You once drank whiskey from a plastic bottle and sang karaoke in your neighbors backyard. ... only to wake up for work two hours later. A breakfast burrito would mend the tiniest of hangovers and you would repeat day after day. But now? Now you find yourself at Sister dancing to music you don’t recognize with people who have birth years in the 1990s and you know you have to be up in eight hours. Time to go home. Without a refrigerator full of coconut water and a drawer of Emergen-C’s, you can’t afford 37 hours in bed.

Best Place To Show Off Your UV Tattoo

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to shine bright like a diamond if you are one of the few luminescent people on planet Earth who have a UV tattoo. A quiet little secret hushed by natural light and boring normal lightbulbs, your UV ray tattoo can break free and reveal itself to the world while you dance at the most noteworthy club in downtown Albuquerque, Effex Nightclub. So go ahead, relive that 17-year-old desire to be simultaneously hidden and permanent that prompted you to get that Zia in glow-in-the-dark ink.

Best Place to Feel Like You’re on Drugs Without any of the Fun Parts of Actually Being on Drugs

In a vast sea of neon skinny jeans and solid $2.80 tank tops, it’s easy to feel insignificant. At Forever 21 in Coronado Mall, music plays so loudly from every direction that you’re like a small animal locked in an ill-timed demise. By the time you’re safely in your car, you find yourself with awkward fitting faux silk dresses and weird smelling cardigans. What happened to you? Who were you in those dark moments, aimlessly walking from room to room trying to decipher if you’re an S, M or L? Sweating and jittery, you vow to never go back again.