Alibi V.22 No.14 • April 4-10, 2013 

BOB: Community Pick

Nora Hickey

Editor-in-Chief of the Blue Mesa Review Literary Magazine

Nora Hickey
Nora Hickey

Favorite (recent) book by local poet

Now Make an Altar by UNM’s own Amy Beeder floors me with its hungry and vivid poems. West End Press has a new book from Hakim Bellamy I need to check out.

Favorite local literary journal

Mas Tequila Review, produced by Richard Vargas, slays it with each new issue—check out #6, with work by locals (Lauren Camp, Tony Mares) and national poets.

Favorite local performance venue (and source of creative inspiration)

Winning Coffee has it all: slams, open mics, OUTspoken Word, Works In Progress (UNM creative writing graduate students and professors) and an eclectic cast of regulars.