Alibi V.22 No.41 • Oct 10-16, 2013 

BOBR: No Bones About It

No Bones About It

The tempting green curry at Thai Vegan
The tempting green curry at Thai Vegan
Sergio Salvador

Best Vegetarian Restaurant

Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Café

Sometimes it’s just nice to walk into a restaurant and know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that there are no dead animals stacked like Lincoln logs in the freezer. Kudos to Annapurna for allowing us that peace of mind and for making their menu so interesting that even the meat eaters on the scene don’t miss it.

2) Thai Vegan

3) Mint Tulip

Best Vegan Food

Thai Vegan

If you’re the type of herbivore that occasionally misses the singular quirks of animal flesh, Thai Vegan has got you covered. Their soy chicken, fish, pork and beef are served in a number of delicious forms. But, really, you don’t need the fake stuff to enjoy their smooth curries and flavorful stir fries.

2) Fei’s Café/Mint Tulip

3) Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Café

Best Veggie Burger

Bistronomy B2B

Is there a secret part of your vegetarian heart that still craves a hamburger? Good beef is pretty much impossible to mimic, but B2B at least lets you hold a delicious sandwich in a bun while your carnivorous friends scarf down their death patties. And our readers say that the black bean veggie burger is worth seeking out even if the prospect of feasting on cow has long since lost its appeal.

2) Flying Star Café

3) Gecko’s Bar and Tapas/O’Niell’s Pub

Best Grilled Cheese

Flying Star Café

It’s no wonder that this bastion of sturdy home-style cooking would concoct the best, cheesiest, toastiest grilled cheese sandwich—on sour dough, if you please. The Flying Star does right by its grilled sandwiches, including the popular Rancher’s Melt accompanied by a stack of sweet potato fries.

2) The Grove Café and Market

3) The Range Café

Best Tofu Dish

Flying Star Café’s Buddha Bowl

Local favorite Flying Star follows Buddha to deliciousness. The path is simple: fresh veggies plus organic rice plus tofu equals taste bud tranquility. Skip the crunchy wonton strips for a vegan treat.

2) Thai Vegan’s Jungle Noodles