Alibi V.22 No.49 • Dec 5-11, 2013 

Feature: All Entries

Blue Sky: Breaking Bad

All entries, unedited

Watching Breaking Bad
I Have Not Even Watched It
Why Do I Have To?
–Jenise Borrasso

Arts & Letters Haiku: Respect Your Colleagues(?)
One vanity press
A made-up film festival
Two faked heart attacks
–Tom McLaren

Spiraling down, down
Snarling dogs, vacant children
The lost angels cry.
–laura Weisberg

Pollo parking lot
Strewn with blue crystals
Of a memory long gone
–Jeannette Alderete

Doll floating in pool.
Walter's shocking behavior.
Man I love that show.
–Arvin Bhullar

Breaking Bad so blue
that you are gone, this town will
never be the same
–Rochelle Ginsberg

Without a TV
all I’ve seen of Breaking Bad
was on Halloween.
–Jordan Ganz

Breaking Bad so blue
you're gone from the map you put
us on, Bye Buy Walt
–Rochelle Ginsberg

Breaking Bad Trolley
Tour on the Top Ten List for
Must See Attractions !
–Rochelle Ginsberg

Make bucks cooking meth.
Does teaching pay like it should?
Apparently not.
–Ray Nance

Watching Breaking Bad
one night while in India:
that hour we are home.
–Mopsy Matthews

Adios, Breaking Bad
Peace, Albuquerque-
Breaking Bad no más. Blue Sky
sugar skulls, half-price.
–Denise Claeys

If Obama Care
paid for all Walt's cancer care:
no need to break bad.
–Mopsy Matthews

Junky Puncture wounds
surround bruised veins that run deep
between tattooed sleeves.

Twitch, scratch, hit, twith, scratch
watch the television fiends
score big and sell souls.
–Franchesca Montoya

No more Crystal Blue
No more Empire Business. But
Jesse's free. Yeah, bitch!
–Lola Muddpuddle

it's over, feels weird.
Sad, but simple, now I can
throw out my TV.
–Chris Chapin

Emilio, bitch
parents still hope he's missing.
–Chris Chapin

In Jesse Pinkman's voice " Yo come and get some, 'ish is called Blue Sky bitches, the purest out there".
–Callan D. Moore

Gimme' a teener, but all I have is twenty, Breaking Bad again
–Callan D. Moore

What’s all the talk
About Octopus carwash?
Breaking Bad’s laundry
–Mark Nolan

Albuquerque Skies, I love the blue crystal clear, ninety-eight percent.
–Callan D. Moore

Sheets of blue ice crack
Shards hold the sky in pieces—
“Holographic, Bitch!”
–David Naquin

Keep driving Jesse.
Sociopathic shitstorm
behind you. Onward.
–Soni Buda

Gus was emperor.
Empire shattering, melting.
Don't fuck with Walter.
–Soni Buda

Slick, slimy, sleazy.
Biggest hero of them all.
You'd better call Saul.
–Soni Buda

Reckless from despair. White intentions fade to black. You better call Saul.
–Elizabeth Bryant

The game becomes real. Transforming mice into men. I was like WHOA SNAP!
–Elizabeth Bryant

Riveted, intrigued, glued
No more. Heisenberg is dead.
Goodbye Breaking Bad.

Pop! Crack! Machine
Gun fire. Heisenberg is dead.
Albuquerque is safe.

Badger's theory on
the Star Trek teleporter
Yo, that's science bitch!
–Gabe Montoya

Governor wants cuts,
less money for filming here...
What would Walter do?
–Larry Elmore

Six long years of be-
ing Walter Whites' bodyguard ,
looking for a job
–Richard Wolfson

Breaking Bad? Back in
New Jersey, would 've been just a
reality show.
–Richard wolfson

Walter fucking White
Got the whole damn world thinking
My town is just meth
–Chris Patchett

Fugue state of mind. Blue
Sky's over Albuquerque.
Perfect Alibi.
–Kevin WetSpot

Just before going out
to kill the bad guys, and die,
he should have shaved his head.
–Ronald Reed

It's a wrap, he said
Winding up the production
Duke City deathwatch
–Peter B. Ives

Beastly Burqueno
In Albuquerque's crap shoot
Then he cashes out
–Peter B. Ives

Yo bitch, it's cold
White embrace...
Jesus mister!
–Rube Tajan

Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch
Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch
Bitch -Jesse Pinkman
–William Bolt

meth man a hero..
storage room full of money..
yeah, i'd marry him..

jesse with his teeth..
looks like no meth head i know..
romantic t.v....
–cindy cohen

Stranger than fiction?
Meth right under the cops' noses
Could Hank be that dumb?
–Mark E. Lujan