Alibi V.22 No.49 • Dec 5-11, 2013 

Feature: All Entries

The Personal Is Poetical: Politics

All entries, unedited

I Hoped I'd Get Care
Obama Promised Me Care
Now I wait and Wait
–Jenise Borrasso

Get your face out of
Myspace and move on dot org
This does not compute
–Chuck Reuben

Would Feng Shui my home.
So poor, I can only afford
government chi.

Liberal haiku. What
do you call a bird with no
wings? America.

You captains. You kings.
Feudal systems became
Democracy. No change.
–Zachary Kluckman

Butterflies flutter
Happy existential whirl
Asters welcome you
–Margaret King

Lent me forty grand
for a Liberal Arts degree.
Joke’s on you, G-Men!
–Jordan Ganz

sex on the bosque
you have your anal campaign
mayor, i have mine
–Mike L

Government shutdown
Look who has all the money
So why should they care.
–Dennis L. Gray

Left, Right, Centrist, Wrong
Apathy, just go along
Where is the light bulb?
–Leesa McVay

Your corner. Your sign.
Don't know your life though I'm sure
it was worse than mine.
–J Garcia

Sorry you're not rich,
I am, dirty working stiff.
Screw you, life's a bitch.
–Ray Nance

Not far from Baghdad,
Her husband's hand touches the
Last letter from home.
–Richard M. Fye

Crowded bus at stop
Woman in wheelchair waiting
Still, nobody moves.
–Kim Adonna

Embedded crowds cheer,
while the citizens stay home
weighing their options.
–Denise Claeys

justify your fears
Anxiety Politics
gimme an excuse
–Chris Chapin

There's no "they" or "them,"
it's just more confused people
in a random world
–Chris Chapin

Who elected that guy?
Greed never ceases to find
New ways to rob us
–Mark Nolan

It’s about time
I be running this bugger
I thought all darn night
–Mark Nolan

Seven deadly sins
Are still in the media
Daily glorified
–Mark Nolan

They are all liars
Brainwashing you to submit
Give us more money
–Levi B

November nineteen
Mothers holding tiny hands
Vote AGAINST at polls
–Sylvia Ramos Cruz

Killed a dog
with my car
realized people were watching
–Jacob Trujillo

like barnyard chickens
politicians cluck away
scratching the surface
–todd eddy

Pro-Life Invaders.
Infesting. Sneaking. Crawling.
Stay out of our wombs.
–Soni Buda

Dear Tara and Bud,
Burque is quite done with you
Go abort yourselves.
–Jamie Phillips

I was late to class
my teacher was mat at me
so I left the room
–Julian Ochoa

Vote for Heisenberg!
He got more done in two years
than House or Senate
–Gabe Montoya

this robot is huge
watch out, he might step on you
you won't have a clue
–Jonathan Lopez

Martinez may look
smart, but can She really see
Russia from her house?
–Richard Wolfson

Recalcitrant moon,
like the government shutdown,
no tides come today.
–Richard Wolfson

City with no soul
How did peace and love exit
Replaced by guns and greedheads
–Bill Diven

Future in the womb,
Two small hands to grasp a dream,
To just be removed

Future in the womb,
Two small hands to grasp a dream,
To just be removed.
–Alberto Zarate

Politics Party
Donkeys Elephants Shit-show
Harshing my Mellow
–Chris Patchett

We demand that men
fully share all household chores
and child-rearing.

Exactly who makes
money worth more than paper
and those who print it?

Fuck the F.B.I.
for bombing Judi Bari
and state-sanctioned crime

Medals of honor
to U.S. soldiers for their
Wounded Knee killings?

Freedom is something
you have to take for yourself-
not handed to you.

Trading privacy
for security is is dumb
a bankrupt bargain

Much of national
security is a waste
of money and time.

We don't win freedom
through security systems
or cryptography

We win freedom by
living every day freely
no matter the threat
–Jessica Mills

Swat a mosquito --
Break government property:
Thousand bucks per drone.
–Ronald Reed

Women save their choice
Fetus fetishists lose one
Roe v.[vee] Wade's O.K.
–Peter B. Ives

Fuck your idea
Go back to Kansas. With love,
A true Burquena
–Zoe Northcutt

Red or green chili
Served with red/blue politics -
Please vote with some taste
–Jeffrey Hertz

Mayors or Congress
They'll never give up the perks
We're completely screwed
–Mark E. Lujan

Racial profiling
Something you don't care about
Til you're targeted

Save the trees people!!!
Save the oceans and the air
Future people care
–Jamal Molina

small wins are big wins..
fighting big corporations..
grab them when you can..

ever vigilant..
agents search the passenger..
ninety four and white..

hard times hit us all..
downsizing is evident..
shorter t.p. rolls...

his head in the sand..
our mayor watches our town..
wrong eye is blinking...

layers peeled reveal..
republican ideas..
in democrat's soul..

the haves and have nots...
a chasm getting deeper...
bridges rent and tossed...
–cindy cohen