Alibi V.22 No.49 • Dec 5-11, 2013 

Feature: All Entries

The Way of All Flesh: Erotic

All entries, unedited

there once was a man
from nantucket who had a
sudden end of po'm

Saw My First Burlesque
Lots of Drama And No Mess
Interesting Acts
–Jenise Borrasso

The senior citizens
Kama Sutra. Position One
The walker.

We wear each other out
with sex games then
smile at the referee

The safest place for me,
where night folds between
your legs like raven wings

I want to bury myself
in you. That was a metaphor
for sex.

I will greet your morning
thighs like sunrise, warm your fields
with milk and seed.

Your kiss is rosewater.
Your knees stained with clover.
You bloom in my mouth.

I want to trade skin.
Yours calls mine like old friends.
Let’s begin with the lips.

Eat my fingerprints
so that I can fall into you
with every touch

Speak to me in tongues
loved one, and whisper rivers
against my dry skin

Your fingers touch my shadow
like sunlight through tree leaves
when you kiss me.
–Zachary Kluckman

suck me give me marks
leave a map of the places
you've already been

Chicks dig me a lot.
That's why I'm such a menace
to society.
–Rudy Tomjanovitch

Now that "that's" over,
I am going to shower
Why are you still here?
–Eli Stewart

I know you can't drive.
Here, take this seven dollars.
Go catch a bus home.
–Eli Stewart

Puritan maidens
maketh mine spirit quicken
and I feel ashamed.
–Jordan Ganz

Fingertips skim skin
Read lines of gooseflesh brail
Eyes closed, mouth agape

Beneath the pink waves
His tongue glides, endless searching
Fleshy seas shudder

viewing your skin there
fantasy falls in weakness
both our bodies fade
–TaJuana Williams

I wrote a Haiku
It was our fun thing to do
My girl said lets screw.
–Dennis L. Gray

You thought I could help
Turning into what turned you
into what you are.
–Laura Weisberg

Velvet, leather and lace
Every time I touch your face
I spiral downward
–Leesa McVay

Sex changes as you
age,explosions implode so
Viva Viagra !
–Rochelle Ginsberg

I looked at your face,
Bad booze, threw up in my mouth.
Do you love me less?
–Ray Nance

Hungry mouth agape
Moist and hot, waiting for more
Twenty minutes long
–Graham Gentz

Click on my button.
Scroll your tongue down my body.
Put away your phone.
–Kim Adonna

Meet me at noon, dear
in my bed, under my sheets
your fingers in me.
–Kim Adonna

He looks like Jacob
From Twilight, until shirtless.
Run: Michelin Man!
–Scarlett Owen

Huge full moon blushes
rose, while bouncing off purple
foothills into night.
–Denise Claeys

veins trace blue rivers
(hands resting in the grass)
between his and mine
–Ian K

Gazing at the moon
the howling coyote
humps a roadrunner
–angel jimenez

Deep down you're East Coast
your erotic poem ends
with feeling ashamed
–Chris Chapin

kiss you tenderly
while I make you sore inside
just the way you like
–Chris Chapin

Dream-belly buttons
And dirty panty shopping
It is wild in there
–Mandy woods

scratch it right there please
oh oh that feels wonderful
a little bit more?
–Mark Nolan

Just received a sext,
with all your clothes on the floor,
–Callan D. Moore

All my thoughts are there
Pressed against his gorgeous skin
Licking and biting
–Ren O

I pulled him on top
Breathing heavily, he knew
Faster, we resumed
–Ren O

Yield and flow my skin
Height of ecstasy runs course
Through veins of slow flood
–Shelley Barratt

Autumn winds whisper,
The spring buds of your breasts moan:
“Take the long way home.”
–Bird Jaguar

lustful thoughts of Jen
i long to see her naked
what i wouldn't do
–todd eddy

which is more subtle
her breasts, or her rounded ass
my hands will soon know
–todd eddy

before a mirror
running a brush through wet hair
her robe slides open
–todd eddy

white breasts, like full moon
shining in the darkened knight
lifts the spirit high
–todd eddy

sweet angel midnight
his wavy locks hanging down
sensuous body
–todd eddy

Hi there, can I get
A large drug dealer Combo
With highs on the side
–Jamie Phillips

I See you coming,
unknowingly into my web.
My love, forever just mine.

Just the other day?
Was alone I screamed your name ?
When I came. Your name.
–Jill Hutchison

please bury your tongue
in this body’s knowledge
depths only you’ll go
–Jill hutchison

seeking solace, I
slide my lies in you,hearing
truth when you cry out
–albuquerque turkey

the salt of my tears
is washed clean, crisp, away by
the salt of your skin
–albuquerque turkey

The erotic sense of breath
that comes before mouth
–Gabe Montoya

She wants the big D
I am gonna pull her long hair
I'll pussy punch it
–Antonio Cabrera

Rise to the moment
Opportunity awaits
Two happy endings
–Bill Diven

Prairie of goosebumps
sprout from your red nails' caress,
so does hardwood tree
–Larry Elmore

Your closeness casts spell,
yearning anticipation...
caress of wet lips
–Larry Elmore

The smell of you, like
a Botticelli painting,
like green chile roasting
–Richard Wolfson

Trees bare and straining
against tense white sky your tan
line not yet faded.
–Amaris Ketcham

your hands hold me down
when you bury me alive
i think i love you
–emily parker

Oh Baby don't stop
you are making me crazy
love you so deeply
–Chris Patchett

Roses are red and
Money is green. I love your
Legs and what's between.
–Kevin WetSpot

Six fingers on one
Hand. Is this a birth defect
Or marital aid?
–Kevin WetSpot

One time, I farted
Into a man's mouth, then he
Blew me a French kiss.
–Kevin WetSpot

Her knees together
'Til John Donne's profane lyric
Makes our limbs sacred
–Peter B. Ives

I love you so much!
(Hope the whore with whom you left
Loves you even more.)
–Kevin WetSpot

Giving her the eye
As Ishmael Reed conjured
"Reckless eyeballing"
–Peter B. Ives

My kiss finds its spot
Her teeth tugging on her lip
she exhales … smiling
–Mark E. Lujan

Ease my swollen pride
dizzy in the afterglow
rapidly breathing

Shadows on your skin
dimples above your buttocks
legs lead to heaven
–Matthew Thompson

Ay me so horny
Will you give my flute a toot
Pucker lips and blow

Succulent round mounds
Circumscribed with many pounds
Throb, sweat, pulsing sounds

Honeysuckle dew
and pussywillow kisses
Push, push in the bush

Your apple bottom
Provokes much breast stroking
And … pelvic stroking

Fellatio and
cunnilingus tongue twista
8:31 squared

To hold you so tight
I thrust, as you grasp me too

As the roadrunner funs
Purple skies highlight
our watermelon mounts
–Jamal Molina