Alibi V.23 No.14 • April 3-9, 2014 

BOB: Local Flavor

Best Growers’ Market

Downtown Growers’ Market

Best Butcher / Meat Counter: Keller's Farm Stores
Best Butcher / Meat Counter: Keller's Farm Stores
Eric Williams

From June through October, on Saturday mornings, get on over to Robinson Park at 8th and Central downtown, and get your fix of fresh, local and homemade goodness of all kinds. Vegetables, fruits, baked goods, artisan items, and if that's not enough, there’s always a parade of food trucks lined up to keep you nourished while you shop. (HVW)

2) Los Ranchos Growers' Market

3) Corrales Growers' Market

Best Butcher / Meat Counter

Keller's Farm Stores

Whether you need a simple chicken breast, an entire prime rib, pork kidneys, some ground bison or a whole goat, Keller's has the hookup. As soon as you're inside, grab a number and wait until it gets called. While you wait, browse everything from deli meats to the stuffed roasting rolls. Nelson’s and Tully’s are carnivore faves, too. (HVW)

2) Nelson's Meats

3) Tully's Italian Deli & Meats

Best Locally Made Condiment

Sadie’s Salsa

It's no surprise that salsa is Albuquerque's favorite condiment; it is a little surprising that pesto is in the top three. Given the many options on shelves everywhere you turn in this town, narrowing it down to just three favorites is an amazing feat. (HVW)

2) Black Market Salsa

3) Aroma Fresca Basil Pesto

Best Baked Goods

Golden Crown Panaderia

Best Baked Goods: Golden Crown Panaderia
Best Baked Goods: Golden Crown Panaderia
Eric Williams

Blue corn biscochitos? Green chile bread? Lemon empanadas? Coffee milkshake? “Breaking Bad”-themed Blue Sky doughnuts? Black Velvet in the AM? Oh my, yes. Wait right here, I need to go get something ... from Golden Crown, Rebel Donut and Flying Star. (HVW)

2) Rebel Donut

3) Flying Star

Best Specialty Grocery Store

La Montañita Co-op

With six locations, La Montañita is like a grower's market with permanent facilities. Fresh, seasonal, organic, local—pretty much everything you want. Whether you need a quick, wholesome lunch, a cup of fair trade coffee or some chemical-free beauty products, this is the sweet spot. Talin, Keller’s and Alpine Sausage are, respectively, foreign cuisine-leanin’ and locally sourced yet decidely not vegan foodist faves, too. (HVW)

2) Talin Market

3) Keller’s Farm Store/Alpine Sausage Kitchen

Best Liquor Store


The wine! The beer! The eerily knowledgeable staff! Jubilation, on Lomas just west of the Carlisle/Monte Vista five-way intersection, is well stocked, friendly and ready to introduce you to some new quaffs. Check out their digital marquee when you pass by on Lomas to see current specials. For even more cocktail hour goodness, visit Kelly Liquors and Total Wine. (HVW)

2) Kelly Liquors

3) Total Wine & More