Alibi V.23 No.41 • Oct 9-15, 2014 

BOBR: Gluttony

Diet Schmiet

Best Comfort Food

Nexus Brewery

If you’re not quite ready to die in order to get to heaven, the next best route can be found at Nexus. Don’t think of your waistline because you are going to want to start with something fried and end with a beer float. Our readers love Nexus’ brand of comfort food, adult style.

2) Frank’s Famous Chicken & Waffles / Golden Pride BBQ, Chicken & Ribs

Best Buffet

Taj Mahal

If you don’t love an endless supply of crazy good food, then move on (and see a shrink—are you crazy?!). For those who crave a buffet, Taj Mahal has the goods. Alibi readers love loading up for lunch and coasting through the rest of the day on a naan-stuffed stomach. And hey, all those trips to the tandoori chicken pan count as exercise!

Best Chain

Blake’s Lotaburger

If you like eating a whole lotta burgers, then you’re in luck—Blake’s beloved New Mexico chain has plenty of locations around the city. Alibi readers continue to smother their love on the fast food joint, and once again, Blake’s has packed away an award heftier than one of their iconic breakfast burritos.

2) Flying Star Café

Best Greasy Spoon

Mannies Family Restaurant / Frontier Restaurant

Mere blocks from each other on old Route 66, Mannies and Frontier dish up the best greasy spoon dining this city has to offer. If you want to make a day of it, start with a buttery cinnamon roll under the watchful gaze of John Wayne at Frontier, and end up at Mannies for a gut-busting pork chop dinner. Repeat. You can do this one for hours!

2) Grandma’s K & I Diner

3) Murphy’s Mule Barn

Largest Portions


Readers attest to the veracity of Weck’s slogan, “a full belly tradition since ’91.” Serving up platters of breakfast and lunch to happy diners, Weck’s knows that the way to a person’s heart is through our stomachs. Heck, you could share a Weck’s meal with your significant other and you’d still be full!

2) Sadie’s

3) Grandma’s K & I Diner