Alibi V.24 No.14 • April 2-8, 2015 

Best of Burque 2015

Our annual readers survey

Goddamn, do we love this city! Over 300 years ago, La Villa de Alburquerque was founded on the shores of the Rio Grande, and after centuries of growth, the dominion of three different empires, myriad cultural tug-of-wars and 10 generations, its residents are still happy to call this place home.

Every year since 1994, we’ve been asking you, our readers, to sound off on your favorite aspects of Albuquerque, and every year you surprise us with your enthusiastic response. Now, the votes are in, carefully tallied by our crack team of coffee-fueled statisticians and interpreted by our brilliant team of alcohol-fueled editors. Join us as we celebrate what you love about Albuquerque in the year 2015.