2017 Tarot Predictions for Albuquerque
 Alibi V.26 No.1 • Jan 5-11, 2017 


2017 Tarot Predictions for Albuquerque

A glimpse through the mists of time

January: 8 of Pentacles

The beginning of the year will be devoted to work that serves the community and allows us to value the ordinary. School begins again, signaling training that brings discipline and skill. This is the beginning of a profitable undertaking.

February: King of Swords (reversed)

On the heels of the inauguration of the Great Cheeto will be distrust, suspicion, plotting and the potential for disruption. Even so far removed from Washington, D.C., our fair city will feel the effects of authority corrupted and strength used for its own ends of power and dominance. Coupled with the Knight of Swords (2017 as a whole), this could signal a failure to mature as a nation.

March: Death (reversed)

Inertia and lethargy will characterize the third month of 2017. Stuck in old habits, there will be a ego-filled battle to avoid necessary change. But keep in mind that change we must, or we will never grow. Boredom and depression may conceal fears. This all could be related to some sort of political upheaval.

April: Knave of Pentacles

Fortunately, it looks like the Duke City will get over its issues and fears of the previous month and allow for rebirth: new ideas, a bringer of good news, respect for learning, involvement, fascination and work will be our just rewards.

May: The Devil (reversed)

Albuquerque will make an attempt to break loose from some sort of trap, unhappy situation or oppression. The discontinuation of our acceptance of a bad state of affairs and a movement toward liberation are to be expected. But take heed: There is often the greatest feeling of sadness and discontent right when we become aware of the chains that bind us, but it's only when we are conscious of them that we can throw them off.

June: 9 of Cups

The city is in for some simple pleasures after a period of hard work. Note that there is nothing wrong with an old-fashioned good time. Clearly, summer break will be quite the rager this year! Party on Burque—you deserve it.

July: 5 of Cups

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. Loss and regret are the themes for July. We must accept responsibility for our part in whatever misfortunes occur and use consciousness and determination to move forward toward new beginnings, stability and continuity.

August: 9 of Wands (reversed)

A defense against obstacles and problems will fail. We must keep fighting, but look for a new approach. We will achieve eventual victory through steady force and the implementation of new strategies.

September: The Lovers

The people of Albuquerque will have an important choice to make, possibly between something good and respectable but maybe dull, and something very tempting but probably not right for us. We must unite reason and passion in beginning a relationship with a project or leader. See: mayoral election (obviously).

October: 7 of Cups

This month, our heads will be filled with castles in the clouds. Fantasies with grounding in neither action nor the wider realities of life will scatter the energies of our city and create only illusory successes. Be wary.

November: 6 of Swords

Burque is in for a journey through a difficult time. We will adapt to our troubles and keep functioning. If we keep calm and plod forward, there will be success after our anxieties.

December: 7 of Wands

But wait! After our our calm and accepting adaptation to our troubles will come an active fight—and we're going to enjoy it! We'll happily commit to putting up our dukes with the expectation of winning and the desire to prevail. This will be an invigorating conflict, and we will find success against our opposition.

2017 as a Whole: Knight of Swords

The people of Albuquerque have clean hearts and are full of courage. We may tend toward wildness (this is still the West after all), but there is a certain innocence about us. As much as we like to imagine ourselves as a big city, we're no Los Angeles or Rome. We're relatively untried, uncertain of our ability to overcome life's greater hardships or long-term struggles, but we are brave, willing to face and fight anything in our way. Rock on and fight the good fight, my fellow Burqueños y Burqueñas. Work hard, take responsibility for your failures, fight oppression, make good choices and battle to stay on top!

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