Best of Burque Music 2017: Around Town
 Alibi V.26 No.10 • March 9-15, 2017 

Best of Burque Music 2017

Around Town

Best Party Band

Red Light Cameras

In another stunning coup for rock music, Red Light Cameras were also named Best Party Band by Weekly Alibi readers who voted in our massive music maelstrom. Rather than go on and on again about this multi-award winning juggernaut, I’m going to request the band play my favorite party song next time they get a chance. It’s called “Memories Can’t Wait,” and the party part of it goes something like this:

“There's a party in my mind/ And I hope it never stops/ There's a party up there all the time/ And they'll party till they drop/ Other people can go home/ Everybody else can split/ I'll be here all the time/ No, I can never quit”


2) Prism Bitch

3) Moonshine Blind

Red Light Cameras: “Whiskey”

Best Wedding Band

Sorry Guero/Entourage Jazz (Tie)

Here’s another great tie that illustrates the amazing diversity available in our humble encampment on the Rio Grande. So, who do you want to play music for one of the most important events in your human life? On one side of said river imagine Sorry Güerro, one of Burque’s best rap-rock, rapscallion-related metal outfits moving the Earth and sky for your post-nuptial party. Or you can choose the other side. That would be the bank of the river, where—placed amongst the towering cottonwoods—resides one of Albuquerque’s premier big bands, fronted by one of Albuquerque’s visionary jazzers. I’m referring of course to Entourage Jazz, under the baton of Emerson Corley. Either way you’re gonna win, Mr. and Mrs. Burque, so break those glass goblets and let the party begin!

2) Picoso

Entourage Jazz: “I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm”

Best Funeral Band

Leeches of Lore

Dude, finally here is some ink about Leeches of Lore (guitarist Steve Hammod, keyboardist Noah Wolters and drummer Andy Lutz), this year’s Best Funeral Band, but more importantly one of Dirt City’s most far-out, freaky-styly, intensely literate and important rocanrol sources of all fucking time. A band this good has got to have Satanic connections, sabes? Anyway, of course they can play at my goddamned funeral! And readers are apparently psyched for the band to show up at their last party, too, as Leeches took this category by storm besting the competition by twice as many votes as their nearest opponent. So, after the band is done warming up said funerary crowd with a complete performance of Attack the Future, they can always seal the deal with some choice selections form Motel of Infinity. Sounds like fun, eh? See you there ... or maybe not.

2) Murder of Crows

3) Pawn Drive

Best Karaoke Singer

Lauren Poole

This year’s winner is an acclaimed actor best known for her research and expression of our local dialect through a series of videos called “Shit Burqueños Say.” Poole’s face and voice are internationally known symbols for little old Q-Town and her random appearances at local karaoke events have only added to the legend of this local gal. Poole’s talents as a thespian are matched by her ability to knock out quick, quirky and cute renditions of the hits, and our city is a better place because of people who can say words like “sangwitch” and “elaven” with aplomb before belting out a helluva fine version of “Don’t Stop Believing” to a roomful of bowlers and beer bottles.

2) Rhiannon Lenore Frankenstein

3) Kat Cox

Lauren Poole: “Shit Burqueños Say