Best of Burque Music 2017: Just Listen
 Alibi V.26 No.10 • March 9-15, 2017 

Best of Burque Music 2017

Just Listen

Best Single

“Smoke & Mirrors” - The Riddims

Here’s a song that creeps into the air with a haunted, carnivalesque cascade of keyboards that soon subtly abandons attack and reverb, becoming almost 8-bit before segueing into a leisurely and liquidly guitar intro. That vamp seems to be completely contrapuntal until it resolves right next to a not-quite-blaring but emphatic-in-a-good-way horn and rhythm section pumping out a heavy reggae beat with bebop inflections. They pipe in to give the whole tune a grand shape; that rhyme that follows—including the deft declarations of guest vocalist Crystalynn—lead listeners through a sonic story worthy of the slightly more fancy dreams of Bradley Nowell or Donald Fagen. It’s tight shit and our readers agreed it was the best single of 2016.

2) “Bones of a Saint” - Russian Girlfriends

3) “Fuck You, Die” - Moonshine Blind

The Riddims: “Smoke and Mirrors”

Best Album

Homegrown EP - The Riddims

Ok, so clearly the meaning of “homegrown” has changed. When I was growing up in Burque, homegrown meant that seedy stuff growing in the part of the ditches where gray water from fregadores mechanicas dripped their effulent out from the freights and into the valley below. Sure you could smoke it, I guess. Never mind that rambling reminiscence though because now it means totally excellent, that is if you’re to affirm the beliefs and votes of our readers who voted The Riddims latest recording, Homegrown the best album of 2016. Featuring epic tuneage like the aforementioned “Smoke and Mirrors,” as well as instant classics like “Marijuano” and “Burque Smile,” this one’s full of enough gran exitos to make it one for the ages. I predict Burqueños will still be jamming to this collection in 2065.

2) Ese Gallo - The Big Spank

3) Roadkill - Moonshine Blind

Moonshine Blind: “Fuck You, Die”