Best of Burque Music 2019: Best Recording
 Alibi V.28 No.13 • March 28-April 3, 2019 

Best of Burque Music 2019

Best Recording

Best Single

"Cuida Tus Espaldas" Baracutanga

courtesy of the artist

The hotter-than-hot single by Latinx music collective Barracutanga erupts from the speakers with a super-funky rhythm twisted together with surfy guitar and a baritone sax line that slays with insistence. By the time the rest of the horn section drops in, sweetly and discretely, you’ve got a South-American-influenced dance tune buoyed by tight playing and a slow and slinky approach. What makes this tune radically different—and more listenable—are its lyrics. The tension of the night balanced against the story of a perilous journey into an unknown land speaks volumes about our world out West today.

2) "Greed" Ashes of Jupiter

3) "Overtime" Kyle Martin

Best Album

Entourage Jazz Wishes You A Cool Yule!—Entourage Jazz

Entourage Jazz, quintet variation
Entourage Jazz, quintet variation
courtesy of the artist
This collection of seasonal favorites, brought to life by Emerson Corley, Roger Baker and a stellar ensemble that includes saxophonists Lee Taylor, percussionist Jon Bartlit, guitarist Dimi DiSanti, bassist Maren Hatch and a host of other haute players is a must-have for the holiday months ahead. Featuring a deep dive into the American Songbook and arrangements that are magical as well as musical, this group of great tunes will turn you into a Yule-loving jazz hippie for at least a month, so plan ahead now.

2) Celestial Warfare—Ashes of Jupiter

3) HGB20—Higher Ground Blues