Alibi V.13 No.15 • April 8-14, 2004 

BOB: Community Picks

Arcie Chapa--Host, KUNM Call-in Show

Best Place To Take Kids Out For A Stroll

Farmer's Markets. My kids get good exercise, they get to meet the folks that grow the food they eat, and I get to support local farmers who provide the freshest produce in town. Arts and crafts add to the colorful experience.

Best Place To Take Kids Out For A Hike

Rio Grande Nature Center. I get good exercise, my kids get to see the resident ducks and turtles, and point out the migratory visitors (we saw sandhill cranes earlier this year). The view of the Sandia Mountains is spectacular.

Best Venue in Which to Hear Live Music With The Kids

The Rio Grande Zoo in the summer. Bring your own picnic basket and nonalcoholic beverages. Kids get to dance around on the lawn and you get to enjoy world-class music. Also, the intimate Outpost Performance Space has great kid's workshops and demonstrations by master musicians and performers for free!

Best Place to Hear Live Music While You Eat

Jamaica Jamaica. Enjoy Caribbean-flavored food and listen to live island music on Sunday afternoons with Racin Kreol at this new restaurant in Nob Hill.

Best Place to Eat

My House--when available (and that's almost always), I prepare meals with all organic and unprocessed foods. Organic just tastes better.

Best Restaurant

Thai Orchid. If we do eat out, my favorite place to go is Thai Orchid. Wonderful soups, great spring rolls, crunchy stir-fried veggies, spicy curries, scrumptious desserts and great atmosphere. India Kitchen comes in a close second.

Best Place to Appreciate the Night Sky During The Day

Lodestar. This Astronomy Center and Planetarium located at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science is a local treasure.

Best Nursery

Plants of the Southwest. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, a great selection of native and adapted plants, and free clinics on Saturdays. Bernardo Beach is another local nursery with a great selection of low-maintenance plants suitable for our area.

Best Place To Get Away From It All

Madstone Theatre. Most people would say a day spa, but movie-watching is my favorite pastime and Madstone Theatre, brings great Hollywood and independent films to Albuquerque. They also screen locally produced films.