Alibi V.13 No.53 • Dec 30-Jan 5, 2004 


In da Club

Our quick picks for a no-hassle New Year's Eve

It's the ultimate holiday irony. We've spent an entire month eating without abandon, sampling everything from Aunt Joanne's legendary walnut fudge to gooey, red chile-soaked enchiladas, right down to the last heavenly crumb of cream pie, shaggy with coconut. Our clothes no longer fit comfortably and we're just a little sluggish—which explains how we still have no idea what the hell we're doing for New Year's Eve. Well, wake up! The 11th hour is upon us and we've got some work to do. There's no need to panic, though. We've divvied up the labor to make this as painless as possible. All you've got to do is tuck this publication into your gym bag and hop on a stationary bike. That way you can scope out a hefty roundup of Albuquerque clubs while simultaneously liquidating your stubborn holiday flab.

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