Alibi V.14 No.10 • March 10-16, 2005 
Singeli Agnew


Love in the Time of Abstinence

This year, the Bush administration wants to spend more than $200 million on abstinence-until-marriage education in an effort to convince teens that the best way to enjoy sex is to avoid it. At APS, and across New Mexico, a portion of these funds are spent

No sane person would deny that adolescence is an awkward time, with the acne, braces, bad breath—the hair!—and especially those hyper hormones. It's well known that these hormones can lead teens to create the beast with two backs when unsupervised. And according to the Center for Disease Control, over 65 percent of our state's high school-aged youth are sexually active—a number about equal with the national trend. Meanwhile, when you compound the laws of puberty with socio-economic realities, New Mexico has one of the highest rates of teenage motherhood in the nation.

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