Alibi V.15 No.23 • June 8-14, 2006 
A picture of pride (from left to right): Midnyte, Paite Baillie and PJ Sedillo


March to the Beat of a Different Drum

Albuquerque’s Gay Pride Parade has gone from a picnic in the park to the third largest parade in New Mexico

Albuquerque Pride Business Representative Midnyte remembers marching in Albuquerque’s first Gay Pride Parade 30 years ago. Back then, the parade was more of a march that ended at Morningside Park with a small picnic shared between a couple dozen participants.

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Albuquerque Pride Time Line

from Albuquerque Pride's "30 Days to 30 Years" Pride Cards (available at Pridefest 2006)


Juniper and Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) stage Albuquerque's first Gay Pride Parade in commemoration of the events at Stonewall, titled “Christopher Street Celebration.”

The hastily organized parade draws 25 individuals who march for several blocks along Central, drawing little public attention and no notice in the local media.


Response to the 100 marchers in Albuquerque's second Gay Pride march varies from raised thumbs to hurled eggs.

Afterwards, a rally is held at the Morningside Park where Grand Marshal Harry Hay, founder of the Mattachine Society, speaks.


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The Academy of Drag

A pair of queens reveals the tricks of the trade

They're quite the royal power couple. Joseph Gutierrez is Miss Pride 2006, a title given to him at the Albuquerque Pride Pageant for his version of Cher. His partner, Adan Branchal, is Mr. Pride 2006, which he won with his considerable singing skills. Both regularly perform in drag at the Albuquerque Mining Company with the troupe Facade and have been practicing the art for about five years.

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Being king requires an attention to detail

Jason Daboi completes Maria Johnson. They're not dating. They're not related. They occupy the same body, and both are essential. “I looked like a little boy most of my life and felt really comfortable in that,” Maria says. She can recall her first experience as Jason three years ago. “It was really, really scary, but it's that inner dimension, that male persona. Jason's a lot of fun.”

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Feature: Schedule

Albuquerque Pride Schedule

Thursday, June 8, Morningside Park

8 p.m. Candlelight vigil (Lead and Morningside)

Friday, June 9, Expo New Mexico

Parking: $3. Admission: $5 adults/$1 children. $10 weekend pass includes parking and admission both days. Food, vendors, game booths and more will run throughout. A family/kids area will also be available.

Grounds open from noon-10 p.m.

6 p.m. Main stage entertainment

6:30 p.m. Pride pet parade

7 p.m. Pride art show and award presentation (Fine Arts building)

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Music Playlist

DJ Eldon’s Pride Party Soundtrack

DJ Eldon is a 20-year veteran of the DJ scene, founder of and a sometimes dance chart reporter for Billboard Magazine. He is the man behind the sound system design at Santa Fe’s Swig and several house music nights around Albuquerque, including his popular Absolut House Thursdays at the Martini Grille.

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