Alibi V.15 No.36 • Sept 7-13, 2006 
Stray and dropped-off dogs at the Santa Fe shelter that are not yet ready for adoption stay in “pods,” spacious bisecting kennels with skylights.


Work in Progress

Albuquerque’s animal shelters strive to clean up their act

Nine years old and blind: a prime candidate for euthanasia. That’s how Debbra Colman found her. The sign read: German Shepherd, female, 9 years, blind, spayed. When Colman rescued Ladybug from the Eastside Animal Care Center and brought her to a veterinarian, the verdict was a little different: German Shepherd, female, 5 years, not blind, un-spayed. She was so “not blind,” in fact, that when Colman tossed a ball 30 feet away, the cloudy-eyed dog would run and fetch it easily, eager for another round.

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