Alibi V.15 No.50 • Dec 14-20, 2006 


Quick! Wrap Something!

The Alibi’s Last-Minute Gift Guide

The holiday gift-giving season will commence in about 15 seconds, and you're still in your PJs. You're cutting it close. But it's going to be OK. After all, why should you suffer through weeks of parking-lot circling when you can wait until the last possible second to lift a finger? You've always worked better under pressure, anyhow.

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Atari Paddle Keychain, $15.99

Marcy Street Card Shop

75 W. Marcy, Santa Fe

(505) 982-5160

This could be the coolest gift of the century. Any child of the ’70s or video game aficionado would shout with glee upon unwrapping this key chain treasure. Three classic Atari games—“Pong," "Breakout" and "Warlords"—all uploaded into a small, portable game controller. Just plug this bad boy into any TV set and get ready for some hardcore "Pong" action. Keychains with Asteroids, Centipede and other classics are also available.

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Audio Files

Mini Tone-Master, $44.99

Marc's Guitar Center

2324 Central SE


Why does the wow factor grow as the item shrinks? This one-watt baby stands about 6 inches, a perfect practice amp for the apartment-living guitarist. Word is it actually wails more than one might think. It's got volume, tone and gain knobs--the gain a relatively new feature in the world of micro-amps. Push it past eight and things get mushy.

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Just for Her

Monte Verde Diva Lipstick Ballpoint Pen, $35


114 Amherst SE


It’s impossible to get through the holiday season without making a pit stop at Papers! The parchment boutique specializes in (among other things) art paper, stationary, cards … and pens. But these aren’t just any pens, mind you—these babies are drool-worthy. One of our new favorites is this ballpoint in drag. Disguised as a lipstick, the cap unscrews, the ink rolls up and the seemingly innocuous purse dweller transforms into a high-caliber writing instrument. Genius. Plus, it comes in this gorgeous box.

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Sandia Pets Products Leash, Collar and Bowl Set, $15.98, $13.49, $12.95

Wags & Whiskers

10700 Corrales NW


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Gourmet Gifts

Too Wired Women Coffee Scoop and Clamp, $18

New Mexico Favorites Coffee, $8.50

Sumner & Dene Creations in Art

517 Central NW


Here's a gift made for coffee snobs and design mavens alike: a silvery coffee scoop adorned with beads and whimsical wire. This handmade design by Too Wired Women from Colorado doubles as a serving scoop and a coffee bag clamp to keep that java fresh with a little flair. Sumner & Dene also offers other wired decorated kitchenware, such as salad tongs and bottle openers, and a 20 percent discount for the holidays.

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Everything Else

Deluxe Activity Pedometer, $29.99

Heart and Sole Sports

2817 San Mateo NE


Walk or jog off those eggnog pounds with a pedometer that keeps track of how many calories you've burned. With this one, you input the length of your stride and your weight, along with information on whether you're strolling, walking, jogging or running. That way, it'll compute distance and calories more accurately.

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How to Make a Newspaper Bow

Embellish your presents with newsprint

Long hours in the newsroom mean I have to get pretty "creative" sometimes when rushing off with pens in my hair to some kind of present-giving event. (Here, Sally and Rick! An ice-cold soft drink wrapped in Post-its! May you have a long and happy marriage.) Luckily, my loved ones were eventually saved from ugly presents by my discovery of the newspaper bow. It's cool because the quirkier the material you're using, the better it looks.

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