Alibi V.16 No.41 • Oct 11-17, 2007 


Best of Burque Restaurants 2007

You ate. You voted. We listened.

Welcome back to Best of Burque Restaurants! Inside, you'll discover close to 100 tantalizing categories of the best food in Albuquerque, selected through thousands of votes cast by Alibi readers like you. When you vote in a Best of Burque poll, you're rewarding the best local restaurants with invaluable recognition. Not only that, you're helping to amass an indispensable guide to the best food our city has to offer. Just keep eating and voting, and we'll do the rest. Special thanks to writers Jessica Cassyle Carr, Christie Chisholm, Amy Dalness, Marisa Demarco, Simon McCormack and Maren Tarro for their generous help in reporting the results.

We now present the winners of our Best of Burque Restaurants 2007 poll. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served!

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Around the World

Best Restaurant to Pretend You're in a Foreign Country

Known for its cozy atmosphere and reasonably priced meals, India Kitchen is a perfect place to get away from “America” for a little while. The friendly staff goes to great lengths in explaining the menu, so even the most Indian food-ignorant of us can order wonderful food we might not have tried otherwise. You'll eat like royalty without shelling out for a mini-vacation.

1. India Kitchen

2. India Palace Cuisine of India, Orchid Thai Cuisine, Yanni's Mediterranean Grill (tied)

Runners-up: Taj Mahal, Pars Cuisine, Olympia Café, La Provence Brasserie and Restaurant

Best Greek

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Best Breakfast Overall

Dear Weck's,

Albuquerque would like to thank you for providing us, its citizens, with breakfast food. And not just any breakfast food—the best gosh-darn breakfast food our little tummies have had the pleasure of digesting. Personally, just between you and us, we like the "bowl of stuff." Or maybe the "farmers market" omelette. Or maybe the "full belly toast." Oh, we just can't decide! Just please, please keep it coming. We don't know what we'd eat without you.



1. Weck's

2. Frontier Restaurant

Runner-up: Flying Star Café

Best Pancakes

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Best Sandwich

When it comes to this lunchtime staple, the trick is a perfect balance of hot and cold sandwiches to satisfy even the most finicky of appetites. Whether it's a piping-hot, homemade meatball sub or a cold sub with loads of Italian meats and crisp veggies, Baggin's doesn't disappoint. Add an expansive list of sides and the fact that your sandwich invariably comes in a sack-lunch-style paper bag, and it's easy to see why Baggin's comes out on top.

1. Baggin's Gourmet Sandwiches

2. Relish Sandwich Shop

Runners-up: Cheese and Coffee, DG's Deli

Best Salad

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No Bones About It

Best Tofu Dish

No one likes soggy, greasy tofu. But those searching for brown, crispy cubes of soy bean need look no further than Orchid Thai Cuisine. The tofu appetizer's so fine it'll force haters to thoughtfully munch on a piece, dipped in sweet peanut sauce and say, "Huh. Not bad." Or substitute tofu for almost any flesh-laden dish on the menu. Orchid tied with Flying Star Café in this category, which fries up a mean hunk of tofu. We like it best in the "Buddha bowl" or lo mein.

1. Flying Star Café, Orchid Thai Cuisine (tied)

Best Vegan Baked Goods

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State Treasures

Best New Mexican Restaurant

There were more votes in this category than dream catchers in an Old Town tourist shop. But at the end of the day, you chose Los Cuates. "The Twins" have been an Albuquerque institution for almost 15 years, endearing you with their royal rellenos, their signature salsa and their soft, pillowy sopaipillas. And some trippy photorealistic paintings of dancing children.

1. Los Cuates

2. Sadie's

Runner-up: Duran's Central Pharmacy

Best Chile Relleno

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Best Restaurant to Loosen Your Top Button

You know the feeling. You've just eaten your weight in food, and now it's gradually beginning to expand in your gut. As your pants start feeling tighter and tighter, you not only consider the social implications of sauntering around with undone pants, but also what exactly brought you to this point. If you've ever found yourself OKing that fourth hunk of meat at Tucanos, you know what we're talking about. This Downtown Brazilian buffet and meatery was voted the best place in Albuquerque not only to gorge yourself but also to throw social graces to the wind and embrace uncouth pantaloons.

1. Tucanos Brazilian Grill

2. China Star

Runners-up: Sadie's, Cracker Barrel

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The Sweet Stuff

Most Unique Desserts

Legend has it that, many years ago, Flying Star landed in a spacecraft made of buttercream icing and egg custard on a mission to bring chocolate-covered peace, love and understanding to humanity. Flying Star comes in peace, and their unique cakes come in pieces. All the desserts are out of this world.

1. Flying Star Café (landslide)

Best Chocolate Confections

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Sam Etheridge, Ambrozia(landslide)
Tina Larkin


Best of the Rest

Best Casual Dining

There is perhaps no other Best of Burque category with more eligible participants, so winning is not an easy task for even the finest of casual dining eateries. Wood oven pizza, an expansive sandwich, salad and soup selection and a dining area consistently packed with locals are Il Vicino's greatest weapons in the fight for category supremacy. And, lest we forget, nothing relaxes the atmosphere like a pint of micro-brewed beer or a glass of fine wine, both available at “the neighbor.”

1. Il Vicino

2. O'Niell's Pub, Flying Star Café (tied)

Runners-up: Frontier Restaurant, The Range Café and Bakery

Best Fine Dining

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Best Anything We Forgot

Our "Best Anything We Forgot" section gives us good ideas for next year's poll, sure, but it shines some light on who are readers are. And judging from your responses, our readers are as horny as they are hungry!

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Feature: Contest Winners

Winner Directory

A directory of first place winners in the 2007 Best of Burque Restaurants poll, from Ambrozia to Zinc.

Compiled by Kyra Gurney and Laura Marrich

Winner Directory

A directory of first place winners in the 2007 Best of Burque Restaurants poll, from Ambrozia to Zinc.

66 Diner

Best Dish Covered in Gravy

• UNM Area: 1405 Central NE, 247-1421


Ambrozia Café and Wine Bar

Best Fine Dining, Best Chef, Sam Etheridge

• Old Town: 108 Rio Grande NW, 242-6560


Annapurna Ayurvedic Cuisine and Chai House

Best Dish You Can't Pronounce, Best Vegan Baked Goods, Best Vegetarian Menu

• UNM Area: 2209 Silver SE, 262-2424

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