Alibi V.16 No.51 • Dec 20-26, 2007 



The Alibi’s year in preview

Oprah may be our next vice president, Brad Pitt will cry in public ... and then the world will end.

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True or False?

How did our psychics’ predictions fare last year? A year in review.

Psychic Ana

Tarot Reader


What will happen in Iraq?

Prediction: Let me look at that. I'm going to confer with my cards. Not as many casualties, which is good, as this year. There will, of course, be a lot, but not as many as this year. And toward the end of the year again, let's see, I'm looking at an escalation, too. The year looks good in Iraq. A lot of this will be solved, a lot of problems, negotiations and coming to agreement, and then there's more incidents toward the end of the year. 2008, I don't know, it's going to be rough.

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