Alibi V.17 No.12 • March 20-26, 2008 
That's OK, we'll live with it.


Letter to a Dead Colonel

My commander’s suicide note to General Fil and General Petraeus as obtained through the Freedom of Information Act following my tour of duty in Iraq:

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A peace flag crosses paths with a sign that reads "High Crimes: Impeach Me. Clueless but Evil," during Saturday's war protest march organized by the New Mexico Year 5 Coalition. Marchers started at UNM and walked to Lockheed Martin's Center for Science, Technology and Policy on Sigma Chi Road.
Tina Larkin

Photo Essay

Five Years Later

Photos by Tina Larkin

The peace march to protest the five-year anniversary of the Iraq War last Saturday, March 15, has become an annual passage in Albuquerque and all over the country. Every anniversary the number of participants seems to grow, along with the sense of bewilderment as to why we’re still in this war.

To mark this year’s occasion, Alibi Staff Photographer Tina Larkin joined the ranks of Albuquerque marchers, portraying a sliver of our country’s discontent with the war in Iraq, five years later.

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