Alibi V.17 No.23 • June 5-11, 2008 
Dukes of Ale member Shawn Pautz


Dukes of Ale

Homebrew club gets technical about beer

The secondary mission of Dukes of Ale: Teach people how to taste beer.

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Alibi webmonkey John Millington uses concert T-shirts to shield his homebrewed wort (left) from the sun’s skunkifying rays.
Tabatha Roybal


Diary of a Homebrewer

I was a late-blooming beer drinker. I didn't really appreciate it until one night at the Golden West Saloon, after tasting a sickeningly oversweet stout. I couldn't even finish it, and I asked if Mathias the bartender had any IPA so I could wash the taste out of my mouth. All I wanted was bitterness. What I got was that, plus a load of finishing hops, too. I had just drank my first BridgePort IPA, and I was in love. That's when I began to make some effort to seek out what I had been missing and sample more variety.

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A Compendium of Beer

Our brief and incomplete summary of the wide world of beer

Pale Ale

Encompassing a wide variety of beer types like bitter, India Pale Ale (IPA) and Extra Special Bitter (ESB), pale ale tends to be a considerably hopped-up British variety and can vary from light golden to dark amber in color. Ever growing in popularity, American-style IPA is hoppier and less malty than its English brethren and is thus more bitter.

Pair with: Strong, greasy foods like pizza and burgers, and fried foods like fish and chips

Wheat Beer

Wheat beers are made with ... wheat, duh. They're typically German or Belgian in origin and, much like the people of those nations, tend to be on the paler side. Sometimes these beers are flavored with exotic spices, as seen with Belgian wits. Wheat beers like hefeweizens can be served with citrus.

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