Alibi V.17 No.31 • July 31-Aug 6, 2008 
Co-directors Marc Calderwood (left) and Cindy Kemp with Courtney Cunningham (laying down) in “Water Torture”


In the Fast Lane

The 48 Hour Film Project returns to Albuquerque

Chaotic shooting schedules, sleepless nights and the always mad rush to meet deadlines are familiar to independent filmmakers the world over. Somewhere between that second and fifth pot of coffee, time slows to a crawl, and even 48 hours can seem like an eternity. The 48 Hour Film Project, an annual and international filmmaking event, was started in May 2001 by Washington, D.C. filmmakers Mark Ruppert and Liz Langston to address the question: Can a film be made in less than two days and, if so, can it be watchable?

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