Alibi V.17 No.36 • Sept 4-10, 2008 


Staging a Ku

Our 16th annual Haiku Contest

In the spirit of the ancient and noble art of haiku, I'll keep this intro brief:

Haiku were many
Selection was challenging
Reward is endless

Domo arigato to all who participated and to my fellow judges (Nick Brown, Jessica Cassyle Carr, Christie Chisholm, Marisa Demarco, Laura Marrich, Simon McCormack and Jesse Schulz).

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Web Ku

More entries from our Haiku Contest, exclusively on


Under the Milky
Way you gaze at the sky’s spine
And bend me backwards
—Kathryne Lim

I watch the night end
Sun and heat rise together
Cool shadows retreat.
—Lee Laney

In unyielding strength
Bamboo Topples, Uprooted
As leaves flutter on
—Judith James

silhouette of ghosts
rising on the mountainside
mist in the pine trees
—Todd Eddy, Ill.

Pink ribbon flutters
Asian girl on a moped
Follows half orange moon
—Marie Oberle, Minn.

The Q

Much like New Orleans
only all of the street bums
have much less talent

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