Alibi V.22 No.41 • Oct 10-16, 2013 


Best of Burque Restaurants 2013

The readers have spoken! Here are your choices for Albuquerque’s best restaurants in just about every category our editors could think of.
Fill your plate to overflowing at the Taj Mahal buffet
Wes Naman

BOBR: Gluttony


From o’erbursting buffets to portions heaped head-high, stuff your face with the very best Burque has to offer.
Kokoro’s Japanese curry, chicken cutlet and rice
Tabatha Roybal

BOBR: Around the World

Around the World

International delectables are on the menu, so enjoy everything from crépes to pho to gnocchi on your next meal out.
Fabulous french toast from Flying Star
Eric Williams ericwphoto.com



Put some gravy on those biscuits and have a beautiful morning.
Steak from Vernon’s
Eric Williams ericwphoto.com



Burgers, wings, fries, falafel: Your night out on the town just got scrumptious.
The tempting green curry at Thai Vegan
Sergio Salvador salvadorphoto.com

BOBR: No Bones About It

No Bones About It

Food so fresh and fortifying you’ll forget about bacon. Maybe.
Breaking Bad donuts from Rebel Donut
Eric Williams ericwphoto.com

BOBR: The Sweet Stuff

The Sweet Stuff

A sugar-coated serving of the most toothsome milkshakes, donuts, cupcakes and munchies.
El Modelo means tamales
Sergio Salvador salvadorphoto.com

BOBR: State Treasures

State Treasures

Slather those sopaipillas in honey and douse those burritos in chile, because iconic restaurants are servin’ up your Land of Enchantment favorites.
Amore Pizza
Eric Williams ericwphoto.com

BOBR: Best of the Rest

Best of the Rest

Ssssspicy! Here’s all the other deliciousness you don’t want to miss, from food trucks to fine dining.